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Sony explains why PlayStation does not have an E3 this year

Sony's decision caused E3 to 2019 tonnes, and the rationale of its philosophy is greatly transformed into "finding" innovative opportunities to connect to the "community" and He expects "different thinking and exam." SIE Worldwide Studios director, Shawn Layden, has now been explained further – including not only what they expect to do differently in the future, but why E3 was no longer useful.

Layden told CNet that the E3 nature was raised about non-relevant levels, both for retailers and journalists. When it started, the show had been a place for retailers to plan their stock, and for journalists to prepare cover plans for magazines. In today's day, he says, both of them have moved.

"Now there is an February event called Destination PlayStation, where all retailers and third-party partners have come to hear the story for the year," he said. "They are making shopping debates in February. June, now, is too long to hold a Christmas holiday debate with retailers. So, great sales have fallen. journalists now, with the internet and 24/7 have a game news, it has lost its impact around that.

"So the trade show became a trading show with little commercial activity. The world has changed, but E3 does not have to change it," he said.

Attending all of these market forces, Sony was in attendance; plan to make smaller and larger games, which meant June did not spend more time a year to explain the latest plans. "We're sorry if we hear its pop and that people appear here, people are [the] Yes, they're going to; going to tell us something. & # 39; "

The idea of ​​setting out expectations looks at Layden's philosophy for a PSX team in 2018, which was announced before Sony came out of E3 as well. We still do not know when Sony describes its future plans, or what format. It follows major publishers such as Activision and EA who have withdrawn E3 plans in recent years. Sony's show in 2018 was also very different, looking closely at just four games.

For it, Microsoft seems to leave its & # 39; leaving his biggest console competition left. Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, says that his company has a & # 39; E3 is going to be as big as we ever had. "

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