SunLive – Ten NZ Medals at Freedom Saver camps

The New Zealand team has promoted their success opportunities at World Said World Championships by taking 10 medals today, with 20 best times for the athletes, combined with three New Zealand records.

The medals were divided into the two national teams – the Black Fins, and the youth team called the Black Young Frogs who have athletes under the age of 19.

The Black Shoes home five of these medals, and they were in the competition; Most of the finals held today show the depth of talent in the team, even at the highest level of sport.

Andrew Trembath, who has won two coins today, includes gold in the & # 39; spent by Max Beattie, saying that the idea and dedication of the team to the sport who got the results today.

"The team really went out and went out what was expected. It was a very popular show among the team today, especially when We won medals. Even if we did not get medals, we were so close. "

At a personal level, Trembath says that he only took advice from Jason Pocock (Head Coach) and "focusing on enjoying my own and knowledge," is he & # 39; believe by & # 39; help their products.

Jonelle Quane, Assistant Coach, agrees to Trembath but says "just historically. It was more than we can hope".

"There were many races close today. Everyone [Black Fins] dug it a little deeper, put the heart into it, and made an amazing result because of that. New Zealand can be proud of it. "

"The sport has moved a lot over the last few years and has been a lot easier and more competitive, so it's really good for us to see we move with it, and even manage some of it. "

The same could be said for the Black Catholics who were also stars, bringing home five tons in total over three events, and # 39; including three gold and two trees.

Despite a storm overnight to destroy the crowds' beach, the Black Youth Games can start later on to compete in Beach Sprints, Shore Coast and Beach Flags.

Briana Irving from Gisborne (WaSCanae SLSC) came to be the Younger Autumn in a Beach Sprints event by bringing gold home, and then turn it together with her three teams – Sasha Reid (Fitzroy SLSC), Tessa Bradley (Mount Maunganui LS) and Lucy Makaea (Piha SLSC), including other golds in the Relay Beach event.

Irving says "it's wonderful to be out there, and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I'm very proud to organize the black cap and I'm representing New Zealand and being here with the Black Youths. "

Aidan Smith (Papamoa SLSC) was delighted to bring three coins home – money in the Beach Sprint and Flags Beach event, with gold in the & # 39; He won Relay Beach with his teams, Declan Dempster (Mount Maunganui LS), Oscar Williams (Piha SLSC), and Mitch Cowdrey (Papamoa SLSC).

Three new Zealand recordings were broken off, with one going to Gisborne athlete, Olivia Corrin, who broke the 200m account of a crime, with a 2.12.31 period of time; tree under 19.

Trembath also broke a 100-meter manikin Steven Kent describing this afternoon, Kent broke earlier earlier yesterday, but had been leading the previous event.

Perhaps the most important program for the team, was the mixed 4x 50-meter relay that saved life; phones, with a period of 1: 50.29.

It was expected that the European teams would be influencing the race as a result of their knowledge, but today's third place output, and the latest in New Zealand, show how hard the Black Fins team has installed.

"That decision [mixed pool lifesaver relay] it demonstrates the strength and skills of the teams over different types of race, so New Zealand out there on the podium is just really great. We have been working hard on training over the past year to get that product, and so it has been a great result for us and we are doing it. believe, "said Quane.

There are three other days of competition for both teams before the end of the Sunday. Today the Black Shoes return to the Australian Water Supply Center again from 11.30am in New Zealand, and the Young Black Shoes Come back to the beach to compete in sea events after delays.

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