The fascinating lifestyles of the staff of the National Bank of Australia that are involved

She is married to a trader and a senior employee of the NAB bank manager, now retained, but Rosemary Rogers continued to build a portfolio of $ 6 million ($ 6.3m) and take a $ 500,000 holiday.

As the result of the NAB chief executive, Andrew Thorburn, was shown, as he and the bank chairman, Ken Henry, Stopping it today, the lifestyle of the staff that has now been a senior officer has appeared.

While ordinary Australians had a & # 39; struggling to buy a house in the increase of property that is now protected, NAB was a & # 39; gutting billions of dollars and throwing his opponent's best drivers.

NAB's famous non-incredible NBA activists are part of a package of routes that included accommodation in special SA walks and luxurious weekend at Australian wineries and tourist venues .

But the jobs acquired by her NAB former assistant nurse were raised.

Nine newspapers report that a policeman investigated allegations Rogers said that Rogers put £ 500,000 out of her; Bank to fund excellence holiday for himself and others. has confirmed that Rogers' NSW Police found a $ 3.8m home in Melbourne's small town in Williamstown in December.

Rosemary Rogers at the NAB Private Pure Event 2010. Picture / provided
Rosemary Rogers at the NAB Private Pure Event 2010. Picture / provided

Police investigating lack of supervision within the Thorburn office is a means that the fraud was cited, said Fairfax.

In NSW, Napthali's Force Strike Force command command crime also investigates serious corporations with a multi million million dollars after applications have been made; attacking and recycling at NAB.

Inspectors were informed of a scheme whereby a person could obtain pollution commissions to authorize payments by a financial institution of invoice for a contractor, who was higher than the agreed value of his / her; contract.

In April last year, working on three research certificates, he attacked the Sydney Human Resources offices, Eam Chief Executive Rosamond work closely with her; Mrs Rogers organizes active events for NAB, Australian Financial Survey Description.

Last November it was announced that Thorburn took luxurious holidays to a private island in Fiji where the rooms cost $ 6,000 to $ 45,000 each night, said Sydney Morning Herald.

It is said that the organizers of the holidays were Rogers and that it was revealed within those who used to use the banking department of customers; marks a question mark on Thorburn.

It is not suggested that Thorburn's knowledge of any crime.

Rogers bought her prize home with a pool in Williamstown with a NAB mortgage.

She has retired from NAB, after years working as an active assistant for the CEO, Cameron Clyne, and then the head of staff to Thorburn.

There are men in equipment that reaches Rosemary Rogers' home in Williamstown. Picture / News Corp. of Australia
There are men in equipment that reaches Rosemary Rogers' home in Williamstown. Picture / News Corp. of Australia

Commissioner Ken Hayne discovered the NAB for his criticism in the royal banking commission.

Hayne said NAB would "stand upright" from the other three big banks.

He questioned whether Thorburn and NAB chairman, Ken Henry, had learned any lessons from past behaviors.

"I have not stated that NAB is willing to accept the necessary responsibility for deciding, for itself, what is the right thing, and then to work with the staff, "he said.

He made a slate on Thorburn because it was not enough to identify the NAB offense in installing fees for any service.

"I thought it was saying that Thorburn had tax handling for all cases for service as anything as well as unnecessaryness along with system deficiencies when NABs could and NULIS pay the total number on this account to be more than $ 100m, "said Hayne.

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