The new Netflix presentation is one of the best things you can see throughout the year

With so many entertaining options, it's easy to spend television shows, movies and documentaries.

Here are those who play on or skip:

RUSSIAN DOLL (Air Netflix, from Friday)

Natasha Lyonne is the sea of ​​Nadia in a Russian Doll.

Natasha Lyonne is the sea of ​​Nadia in a Russian Doll.

Natasha Lyonne is very enjoyable in this mysterious, dark and humorous series of mysteries based in a Bohemian world in New York City.

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Lyonne plays Nadia to take her, madly, a woman caught in a tremendous plow, and a man who is a girlfriend. Introducing everything we loved about Lyonne in things like Orange Is the New Black: the needlessness, voice of greed that was healed with mist and those dark dark eyes that were scattered by a wonderful act.

If it seems that the job is suitable for Lyonne, it's because the whole series has been done to her – by Lyonne, co-director Leslye Headland (Sleeping with Other People ) and producer Amy Poehler. They can not do it better.

It is a computer game programmer in Nadia that was captured in Kafkaesque nightmare. including his 36th birthday-party party – stress incident with emotional emphasis because his deep mother died at the age of 35.

The party is being released by a friend Nadia, Maxine (Greta Lee), who shares the Nadia resource for speech barbs and wants her for illegal products – Given many of the music songs throughout the series and eight half-hour programs.

Among others there are Lizzie's chapel (Rebecca Henderson); Example of Nadia moon (Yul Vazquez); sophisticated literary professor (Jeremy Bobb); and the wise man Nadia's famous, Ruth (the winner of Thomas, Elizabeth Ashley, gave a very good ability in fulfilling performance).

As Nadia's nightmare is going on, she & she; Ensure that everything is connected to the local youth (Charlie Barnett), and expresses her mentally logical mind to her; The task is to try to find out what is caused by its & # 39; South Westerly

Amazing to the story and ceremonies, the most spectacular thing about a Russian Doll may be the incredible balance of a wave, which provides the funny, horror, love and emotional shocking incy each other.

Things are often changing with the incredible impact of a car accident, but the emotional team has never been random or gimmicky, and has never been a "# 39; Simply dragging the same thing in one way. Everything will be added as the observer will be able to access it. Be aware of the parallels between the Nadia background and the very real problem of Lyonne itself.

One of the best things you see throughout the year is, of course, a doubt.


In 1986, film makers John Heyn and Jeff Krulik moved to a sports stadium in Landover, Maryland, to interview young people to throw out in the & # 39; park before the Judas Priest concert.

The 17-minute documentary program became a underground classics and is still a valuable design of time when metal was controlled but it was still OK to put a foreign shirt in public.

There is a 1996 sequel in YouTube, Neil Diamond Parking Lot, and Alumni at Heavy Metal Parking Lot in 2006: Where are they currently?


Robots will investigate and & # 39; disabling the jobs dispersed at Japan's Fukushima Japanese nuclear power plant.


Robots will investigate and & # 39; disabling the jobs dispersed at Japan's Fukushima Japanese nuclear power plant.

The accounts of the inventively designed robots used to investigate and destroy the broken reactors at Fukushima Japan's nuclear power plant are just part of this fascinating documentary.

There is also a clear and useful recycling of the creation of the 2011 tsunami product, major explosion and the transmission of live radio products from the rebels, In order to make an inconsistent on its & # 39; and around the plant.

Amazingly, the kitchen businesses need to stay close to the robots that they work in a lead room.


Broadcaster and businessman Killer Mike brings an imaginative "thought-free" thinking to the racial inequality of this wild documentary series.

Most of the stuff is really interesting. come in the first two or two. Michael says that one of the effects of US design has no money; live inside the black community now how it did when black people could not do it; supporting black businesses only.

To clarify the point, it will try to spend three days. using goods and black-owned services in the major city of Atlanta, Georgia, and Athens. It will be completed by & # 39; wear acres, sleep on the street and even can cannabis smoking due to & # 39; The white people are back in California.

His call to spectators to participate in "Black Friday" by " supporting black business every Friday is a good idea. Some of its other programs, however, are kept up with stupid fools, pulled out, and its work is to help with very violent street organizations to make money through to & # 39; sell merchandise well.

Despite this, it is worth checking a lot of interesting insights and ideas.


Something like this is to make William Shatner: a & # 39; Traveling around Los Angeles with short talks, set by ordinary daily people over a bottle of wine in a brown paper bag.

To randomly choose a person, what about the railway museum worker Nancy, who explains how old locomotives help her tell the story of America, and what she's doing. describes Shatner's pinot noir as notes about oak chambers.

A series of two lines of focus for well-known, who are very poor.

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