"Titanfall has new experiences," & # 39; Distance & # 39; and Plants vs. Zombies & # 39; heated by EA

The results are for third tertiary electronic missions of the Third Arts, and although many of them may be able to; Looking at the numbers, a few pieces of information shared with COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen are particularly interesting.

In the report released by EA, its company has a & # 39; mentions a few games, but to leave all of the things that do; gamers may have experience. We know Anthem, which will be coming later this month, and the ones that have been released recently Apex stories, The new knowledge of Renewable free-stream Rewiring software. However, some other games were also built.

"Looking forward, we're really happy to launch Anthem, a new IP, for growth Apex stories and friendship Titanfall experiences, to deliver a new one Plant vs. Zombies and Need for distance titles, and additions Jedi Star Wars: Order extinct to our episodes of sport in the crash, "said Jorgensen.

We learned earlier that Respawn has more information Titanfall up the spear when the CEO Vince Zampella confirmed him with a tweet. "We are also working on more Titanfall for later in the year (yes, I said the word T), "he said." We pretend that we can test in & # 39; this cruise-cèud! "In terms of the upcoming ones Jedi Star Wars: Order extinct, it has recently been shown that the whole new developer team, and you can read more about it here.

When it comes to an unidentified one Plant vs. Zombies entry, was published when the CEO, Andrew CE, called Wilson, asked that he would be part of the soldier's series, it may be a good indication that another War Warfare in the distance. Unfortunately, we have to wait for more information, because they were not particularly surprising when it came to an end.

Some people may be looking at games that are going to play. come out of EA, but there are lots of eyes right now Apex storiesThis is very obvious, as the title reached over a million players in the first eight hours.

What kind of "Titanfall experiences "do you believe in the future? Any comments on the next thing Need for distance the title? Audio in the comments section below, or hit me on Twitter @ anarkE7South Westerly

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