Viagogo broke the law by selling Lion tickets, ComCom tells the court

Online ticket salesman broke Viagogo's law by offering buyers tickets to the Irish and British Lions tour in 2017 in New Zealand, the Commission said. Company to the High Court in the morning.

Although ticketing forces or "scalping" are not unlawful, the Great Events Management (2007) Act is governed in certain cases, and including Lion Tours, the commission said by Law Solicitors, Meredith Connell.

The e-mail administrator from Viagogo sent to customers as evidence.

The commission is seeking an interim lawsuit against Viagogo of Switzerland, which says that bad entries have been made about the tickets left for different events; often allow the same ticket for repository several times; He gave his opinion that it is an official ticket for events when he is not – and his / her; making false representations about a fundraising commitment. The regulator says that at least 79 Kiwis have submitted invalid tickets.

He also says that unpaid taxes can increase the price of a third-third, and say that Viagogo's dispute settlement process, A user needs to work through a Swiss court, unreasonable.

Nick Flanagan at Meredith Connell told the court that Viagogo did not have access to information about the number left for an event as a second ticket salesman. He said that Viagogo was using "blinking" sales strategies; including inconsistent accounts of the number of tickets left for an event, and a mess of messengers about other waiters in the wings.

He also argued that Viagogo could not fulfill his promise to give legitimate tickets, since once and then; s to an event user and find that the ticket was sold twice, the event could be sold. He noted that Viagogo left replicas according to his / her ability if he did not; a new ticket can be provided.

It is also in one case where Viagogo from Christchurch users attended the Bruno Mars concert in Auckland to find their tickets already scanned, the seller of Swiss Ticket tickets and tickets to buy general tickets – however, that's what the name was; They did not have a "adult" stable place, which means that a child would not have a child; party able to see his showcase.

Viagogo wanted to be given home-a process that the commission said there would be a delay for two months.

Flanagan noted that Viagogo had changed on the UK website following orders won by the Competition Markets in November last year (in particular, the CMA has complained that " serious concerns "Viagogo does not follow another part of the orders – an independent review of circumstances that have not been secured to continue a ticket)

Viagogo is represented by its partner MinterEllisonRuddWatts Aaron Lloyd.

The Commission did not expect Viagogo to be represented in the court this morning, and spent its function on "Pickwick basis" (which included defending written submissions from the person ).

However, the regulator learned the morning that MinterEllison would appear in his / her; court to defend the person – although he was on the Pickwick base.

Lloyd told the court that "it was easy for the Commission to submit the device to my client" with what he gave "hyperbole" when Viagogo had been a successful business for ten year – and do not bother; He could be successful for that time if the service was based on misdivision.

Viagogo had no business place in NZ, he said, and his website was based on land.

He said it does not seem that Viagogo took local sovereignty. He said that a complaint would be recorded on that basis.

Addressing bids to & # 39; commissioned about the disagreement of ticket shortages, Lloyd said that Viagogo was a salesman "usually the tickets are not completely an event. So he flows from when Viagogo says, as example, just 10 tickets are available for an event, which means just 10 tickets via Viagogo. "

He said, "Look, this may not be clear enough, but that's a step by step, not a break [of the Fair Trading Act], "he said.

He stated that all fees and expenses were properly documented.

"It's hard to not make a mistake that consumers have been lost, on the evidence I have received," said Courtney Justice at one time as Lloyd arguing that not; no promise can be complete.

The hearing continues.

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