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With its new heart, women of four women compete in a cross-game games

AHA news: with a new heart, women of four women compete in transit games

Kristen Patton killed two severe hearts and restored his heart. Photograph: Molly Quirk Pictures

Kristen Patton was going to play for her new nutrition at Christmas Eve when her three older children went to bed.

It was the holiday night; It was a family harassment in the day after he came home from the hospital after the daughter of her daughter Hattie.

Suddenly, unbelievable pain was killed through Kristen's left kick. She moved in a similar pattern to the net into her hair, the left of her neck, her coffin and her hands.

"Something was good, quite wrong," she said. "It was so tough."

Feeling she could have passed, Kristen lay Hattie sent her crib and her; shocking her husband's attack, Steve Goldsmith, who received gifts from a pub. He got his wife ignorant and confirmed 911.

Kristen did not breathe. Emergency workers have been revitalized many times. She went in and out of a sense.

At the hospital, the doctors confirmed that Kristen-age 40 was now the heart of victimization.

Following a catheterization method and trial days, there were no clear answers to why the attack occurred. Kristen was essential to get home to her husband and children, at the age of 10, 7, 5 and 8 days. But before leaving the hospital, Kristen suffered his second heart attack, even worse.

He was feeling like she was; drowned like a coffin filled with blood. Kristen has been suffering from the expiration of unused folded article, or SCAD, a & # 39; the breakdown of the decayery artery. Doctors started to work in a laboratory and made a thirteen wayway.

SCAD is shown in some studies to be a greater risk among women after. There is a major risk of going on, and SCAD can be fatal.

Kristen's heart was badly damaged. At the end, it would have to be redesigned.

Over the past few weeks, Kristen moved on to life support. Blood machines made her heart and body.

Her oldest child, Clay, remembers her & # 39; feeling so frightened.

"It was hard for me to be aware that my mother was going through something that could be completed by dying," he said, but the confidence his father.

Clay said his father was telling what was happening "and he did not make the situation as bad as he was." He told him his father and his sisters as if their mother had to sleep, falling down on bed and her; climb up slowly.

A side-side, or LVAD, side-side helper was put in place to pump pump and give Kristen a bit of normal life. She moved to a revival hospital and went home after that.

As well as taking more responsibilities with its & # 39; children, Steve changed his LVAD batteries to his wife and put off his clothes, as long as he was a retained in the field of technology.

"It was amazing and so beautiful to see it as a result of the event," said Kristen. "I knew I had married a good man, but I did not think."

With LVAD, Kristen went out with her family in the hills around Austin, Texas homepage. She went to the school and went to school. Work hard in the revival of friends to make it strong enough to make a redesign.

However, she was lamenting her mother's death recently from a heart attack and it was difficult to accept her; opinion was re-sent. Sometimes she noticed she should stay with the long-term LVAD.

Then, one night in late 2016, the call came.

"Kristen, we have a heart to you," said the voice on his phone.

Ideas began to be "beautiful, handsome and terrible, all at once," she said. She was getting another chance on her & # 39; life, but the family of the heart donation had loved him.

"There are not enough words to tell what's like," she said.

Kristen spent eight days in hospital after the re-appointment without any difficulty. Then she started her new life with her new heart.

Kristen has been taking her work to a new degree since then.

She helped her physiological body as a small patient for a heart redesigned patient called "Mighty Heart Fitness".

At her GP's office she saw an announcement for the American Transplant Games. She took her sights on taking part – and, in August 2018, she did. She won a silver coin in 5K brass, bronze in the 20K cycling race and the 200-meter sprint, and she started to compete in a softball and throw it. doubling tennis.

She is a volunteer by the American Heart Heart Association and the Alliance Organ Sharing Alliance. But Wonders & Worries is a "security process", a non-priority that helps children to; dealing with a parent's life illness. His family helped his family, and now she's a & n; brought back.

Clay's message is to share with another heart patient and those who are related to them, "Do not give them, of course. Certainly the hard things no hopeful, miracles can happen. "

The study of a major cause study causes heart causes in women

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