Next steps for the vaccination campaign


To help break into Canterbury measles a
a wider group of people are now entitled to a second release
MMR vaccine.

Enter the number of cases in viral
Canterbury has risen to 37, with nine other cases

Health officer Dr Ramon
Pink says primary care has done a lot of work
The MMR vaccine for them at the first priority group – t
people aged 12 months to 28 years were never

“The most effective way to stop it
Those who use them are vaccinating in our community
I didn't get a MMR vaccine, ”said Dr Pink.

“There has been a tremendous effort over the last month
to increase the number of people among this group, and we are now
and network expansion to increase our resilience
community. ”

Continue to provide the
a vaccine for people aged 12 months to 28 years
he had never been vaccinated, we are expanding it
second MMR vaccine:
everyone aged 12
months – 28 years
infant carers
12 months
the 29 to 50 year olds who work with them

Dr Pink says that they should be given a second dose
organizations recognize the importance of ending it
measles distribution among young people.

“Twenty-five of our 37 cases have taken place in people
aged 28 and under. This group is particularly susceptible
measles, which are the main components of the disease. ”

Dr Pink says that if you are in one of these groups
I'm not sure if you're full of vaccination, and your vaccination
records are not easy, GP teams are able to do it
You should be given an additional MMR vaccine.

There are many
people are already well-protected against measles, t
Dr Pink says.

Those who received two MMRs
vaccines (usually 15 months and 4 years) t
protected from measles. People are born before 1969
have been exposed to the viral virus and they have access

People born between 1969 and 1969
A protection standard is thought to be good at 1990. This is a good condition
any group has been given the vaccine and evidence is given
that one measure of MMR protects 95% of people from development

There are canterbury health authorities
regular liaison with Pharmac and the Ministry of Health
around MMR vaccine provision.

“In March
Thirty thousand thousand vaccines were distributed
general practices.

“Our vaccination campaign is over
The next four weeks are aiming to target those still at risk
with measles, or with bad problems from it
e. We believe we have sufficient resources for the MMR vaccine
endorse our initiative. ”

Dr Pink says with anyone
ridiculous symptoms or who believes they have seen them, t
They can send in their normal communal use for 24/7

“If people visit their GP team after hours
follow the instructions sent to a nurse
they will respond to their call and advise on what to do and where to go
If you have to be
to see. ”

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