Next year's Goldman Sachs report is not optimistic 2019: increase money, defense conversion.钜 亨 网 – stock of the US


According to the official report Goldman Sachs issued to customers this week, Goldman Sachs is not happy to monitor the stock market in 2019.

Here are some of Goldman's strategies for next year:

** (after 2850 points in 2018) By the end of 2019, the S & P 500 index will only be increased by 5% to 3,000 points.

** Housing, joint financing and pension funds should increase their financial position: "First class money is a competitive competition for many years."

** Investors should buy businesses and stock stocks to last in this difficult year. In this report, Goldman Sachs placed public level level to "excessive weight".

** Basic introduction: returns of 7% in 2019, 3% of Government bills (bill-T), and 1% of public debt benefits.

** Market may have a serious problem due to tariffs: "If all the products that are introduced from China are responsible for a 25% target, it will have a significant impact This is a profit and may have reduced the profit growth next year. "

Goldman Sachs is most likely to believe that the bull market followed the next year, but over time, worry about the economic downturn in 2020, so the bull market will be harder. Goldman Sachs is estimated to have 30% a & # 39; a decline in the market, that is, there is a concern to the # 39; market on the economic downturn, and the profitable value of its attractive marketplace is running, completing S & P 500 at 2,500 points by the end of the year. (Goldman Sachs estimates that S & P 500 has 50% of the opportunity to reach 3,000 points at the end of the year and only 20% of the S & P 500 schedule to 3400 points. )

David Kostin, who was the main Goldman Sachs stock market analyst, said Monday is "the high risk for stock investors, although the profits are not low, and that the stock value is higher than the time it was & Lastly, we expect the S & P 500 index to be published in 2019. This provides a single integrated single product. Perhaps most importantly, the stock yield expected Less than half of the long-term average, and is the first one that represents a stock market for many years. Lizhi Assets Project. "

The economic team of Goldman Sachs said on Sunday that economic growth could be declining in the second half of the next year.

The S & P 500 closed at 2,690.73 on Monday and was almost flat this year, but it fell by 8.5% from the record that was reached earlier this year. The US stocks dropped again on Tuesday because technological stockings were going to go; sold. Hard dealers also have a hard venture to add negative market opinion.

There is too much stock market money

Goldman Sachs said that most investors (families, joint funds, pension assets and foreign legal groups) over stock and need to raise money.

Buy resources

Despite the October stock market crash, Goldman Sachs still has a " enjoying technology stock and communications services stock, arguing that these two businesses are profitable and can continue to grow in a more economical environment.

However, Goldman Sachs is particularly supportive of public resources and has been restored to "overweight" due to & # 39; and its registered registration in the GDP growth context and its; Illusion and the S & P 500 Historical History. "

High quality stock

Goldman Sachs advises clients to buy stock with a steady business and income that is available. go back. The "high quality" baskets include: Tree Dollar, PepsiCo and BlackRock.

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