Nextflix Apple competitors may launch


According to some facts, Apple may be launching a new stream video service, and & # 39; becoming a competitor at Netflix.

CNBC has recently believed that Apple can launch its streaming services in April. The recent technological giant has developed original content and this would be an opportunity for its launch.

With this news Apple can compete directly on Netflix and even to Disney +, which will be introduced later this year. However, according to The Verge, Apple put up to $ 1 billion in software production, and now has a platform for "hosting" such content.

By launching a streaming service and series platform, Apple will try to diversify the revenue sources, although there is a competitive edge in this area.

The news came at a time when it came to pass flowing of HBO, and can be accessed via the following address: This stage video on request content will be available awesome for supporters, can be accessible through a variety of devices such as tablets and smartphones.

At present, there is still no price information or proof of the date of this Apple service. We are waiting for more news. However, there is also a comment on the apricot's flag; "Netflix for video games", but no more information is available on this topic.

Do you think Apple will have a? success in this new gateway?

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