Ngoc Thanh Tam's message to Phan Ngoc Luan is having special attention from the public


It was first divided by Ngoc Thanh Tam:

Mr Phan Ngoc Luan,

I usually used to & # 39; Thinking as sad as he was doing at the moment, as a burner for the image, and # 39; painted by a series of colorful chemistry, at the time the whole country names. All clarification on media and social networks. I've been working for a couple of years, but I do not know what's best, I know when I go to an event or newsletters. I was stressed and I was sorry. I want to do something, such as exporting, or trading. The aim is for the prestigious reputation of everyone who includes the showbiz. I understand that in my heart, as I am. Understanding my own desire for reputation.

Fortunately, the story he did yesterday with his adviser, Dam Vinh Hung, and his brother, Duong Trieu Vu, to go to; feeling awful. Maybe it counts the ideas of the new MV, which is & # 39; Look at the share of the new live stream, and "Oh wow, I'm already famous." And I'm not a partner, but why am I so useful? The feeling is the kind of reputation we used, apparently like a cold water sofa. And I'm relaxing, yes, fortunately I'm not crazy enough.

I was not lucky to be a student at the Vinh Hung Dam because I did not find myself singing enough willing. But I always want to thank you, because the thank you to the uncle that his & her; My first step into the showbiz was the most suited. Thanks to your uncle, I understand many values ​​in the & # 39; professional and in life. There are things we need to stay up, we're pretty fond of and pay enough enough to get it, that is the reputation of the artist. But there was also a word about anger, current handbag, a social kiss on the platform, but people who are still silent, among the people who canceled the famous artist can be silent. Artists who have a reputation of death are scarce.

So I think, what do you want to do? I want to see it to do the latest show, to see how the listeners welcomed it. This fact will give me a more detailed response.

Why do not I ever talk to anyone, but do I want to write it to you? Because we all hang on Vinh Hung by Uncle Dam as friends. It was very clear why he was willing to go through the door into Mr. His mother Hung and his relatives were the child in the house. What Hung Hung Hung can share, are pieces of beautiful stars, good shows, a nice shirt, and also knowledge of new people. The reason he got (as I) is because he is being treated as a member of the family. Because the family should be injured, it should be disturbed. A member of the family should not be banned. And because the family is suffering so generously.

But then, he took away the suffering and the love that turned into a knife that he put behind him!

Dash to exchange for sound on the network. There was certainly no strong man like Vinh Hung Dam. Mr Yang Zhao Yu, in fact, full details that he can not hit. In the end, what you want, to & # 39; go into your master's heart to rise?

Trying to make all the members already. Is it enough? Is not enough?

Is not the most difficult thing in a person who does not; Failed, but no one was confident to & # 39; put religion in us further? It's hard to get out in a day. But I always thought that life can be an ambition, but it has to leave an amazing way for the future.

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