Nguyen Thanh Hoa asked "to commit guilty to a lower degree because they are in the future"


On the afternoon of November 20, the Phu Tho Public Court court & prosecuted the accused Nguyen Thanh Hoa – a Master General, Director of Crime Division A & # 39; skipping caps associated with high tech garden (C50).

Entering the court hearing on November 20, Nguyen Thanh Hoa who is convicted of anti-absenteeism must stay in the medical room for a short time. The test will be reopened after about 20 minutes.

nguyen thanh hoa
Protecting Nguyen Thanh Hoa

At the beginning of the test, the president of the court asked Mr Phan Thanh Hoa to keep the statement today. Mr Hoa asked to have a & # 39; retaining his essence, and said he was not now reminiscent of many of the documents that he submitted or put to a high level of CNC operation.

At a lawsuit, Mr Hoa has a & # 39; Continue to confirm that it is not a watch company; in the NCC under Ministry of Public Security. Follow the panel to ask: "The defendant still does not recognize CNC as a professional company, so the investigation process, the convicted person, was stuck with a hard piece?" He sent the guardian "No!"

Answering questions & # 39; Panel for why in the previous certification, who was alleged that Hoa was entered into the CNC of the C50 company, Mr Hoa said, when held, the insomnia to He learns for a month, Unstable health, mindless mind, sometimes do not remember what you say.

"My mind is not awakened but I'm saying I have never said that the CNC is a screen," said Hoa.

Patients published the documents that included: The Official Letter 1092 (7 December 2012) on the proposed C50 to Q43 to use the 10 Ho Chi Minh address for the purpose , "CNC is currently collaborating with Q50 Regions of professional work, praising the first floor to park troops and visitors to the business; The proposal is The remaining area is used to maintain professional jobs for CNC technicians, "recognizing the person.

When his protest was asked to recommend CNC the headquarters of his position, The defendant agreed Nguyen Thanh Hoa. It is imperative that CNC rents on C43 (Political Network Department) is leased but due to the size of the area, praising the C50 for a garage floor.

"As I say that, if the C50 has the correct conditions (money and people), the company will be created, the document is so written, but in fact there is no connection between the logistics department," Defender Nguyen Thanh Hoa said.

When he listened to representatives from the Trial Panel, defendant Mr Luc (a worker under Nguyen Thanh Hoa) heard that CNC operates the Rikvip game illegally to continue to stop the & # 39; this game or not? The defendant said, just listening to himAs described above, CNC is connected to VTC Onlien Company to set up a game pay gate when it is not allowed.

At this time, program representatives commented on the people who were absent: Nguyen Huy Luc (under Nguyen Thanh Hoa); Hoang Trung Phong (Head of Unit 2, C50 – Under Nguyen Thanh Hoa) and report on PC 50 representative of Hanoi Police. These statements show that Nguyen Thanh Hoa reports that CNC is working on illegal games. However, the defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa has been denied, saying that the professional company's CNC is that the Department should not break the law.

In response to this question, guardian Nguyen Thanh Hoa said that we have the management of our organization, finding crime reported in writing, not oral reports. Nguyen Thanh Hoa refused all these statements and stated that the C50 did not establish a firm because it had no money and no people.

Explain that CNC is not professional Q50 but always reporting to the Q50? Mr Hoa said CNC companies should be working in areas managed by the C50 as usual, as the report is in control C50. "I tell Duong, the CNC Company works under the Enterprise Act and it is the responsibility of the law, but C50 does not have the instructions, guidance and CNC work management We will use CNC companies only when we implement business steps when needed, C50 does not provide regular guidance to the CNC to make the comments their own, "said Hoa.


The complainant again reminded Nguyen Thanh Hoa's appellant to say very well in court to be cleared of the law.

When a defense lawyer says that the defendant is convicted, does not prove right, dissuade others. The defendant said about this statement, NgThanh Hoa replied: "I told the inspector that I could take responsibility for myself, my cards were young, they were ahead, my own work. And for my headteacher, I need to , he does not blame his headteacher, my headteacher told me to investigate the problem for me.

Remembering the duties and responsibilities of the C50, as the director said, the defender Hoa has done the same work so far, that the defendant has not yet been done to establish a company to serve to the business. for the C50.

"The most difficult task is to set up a screening company. I keep working because I do not have money, there are no people, so it's a case written over and over, and other things that we are doing. "said Hoa.

At the same test, lawyers asked how the defendant was convicted of guilty; guilty complaint of "energy misuse when it was a duty" as a murderer. Van Vinh?

According to the defendant, his / her first place was asked for "gambling organization", and then sent the tax to "Misuse of office powers as long as he was on duty". "Initially I had questions but then I agree, I accept the case with his case," – he stopped the Hoa.

Depending on the defendant, the defendant is not responsible for defending the person, if the defendant's crime "Delayed his or her detriment", but if his / her / Program against anti-abuse Rights Protecting person defends guilty.

The lawyer has been persuaded to question that the defendant does not recognize CNC as a partner of the C50, did the person defend that personally or as C50? The accused continued to report that C50 included an understanding memorandum by the CNC, not to cooperate.

Also in the evening, the Panel met and questioned two witnesses, Mr Hoang Xuan Phóng (C50) and Mr Nguyen Huy Luc (C50) to clarify Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa's certificate.

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