Nguyen Thanh Hoa says I have an uncertainty about it


On the morning of the 21st of November, the test is on the problems of continuing gambling issues. The panel still has a time to question Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who was a director of C50.

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Defense of Nguyen Van Duong in court

At that time, defense guard Nguyen Van Duong, who was chairman of the High Tech Development Security Board (CNC), was convened with the Panel to respond.

Upon the ban, guardian Nguyen Van Duong – the chairman of the CNC chairman confirmed that Nguyen Thanh Hoa's claims are wrong. Duong said that only 30 people needed external support at C50 at first. Although the CNC company was young at the time, he did a. best to achieve their desire for the C50. "

"I'm really upset, yesterday, he refuses our achievements. Although our company was young, we have identified a wide range of topics, and praises that the Department has specific plans for recommending higher levels, "said Duong.

Duong from 2013 to 2014, Mr Hoa made the CNC into the Directors of the Ministry of Public Security and a director said that the C50 would be a very real Failure if there are no such CNC companies.

"But yesterday said I was unsure." Because of my personal honor as well as our collection, it's difficult, "said Nguyen Van Duong, describing the documents. Mr Hoa showed CNC work.

Nguyen Van Duong wants: "Keep me as a normal feature, although this means my punishment is higher … The process of my actions, everything is directed, thinks If you say CNC is not related to why Mr. Hoa's text is to exchange with other units expressed as a professional company Q50. I think this is my own concern and our collection. "

In response, Major General Hoa stated that he agreed with the Duong response. Defender Nguyen Thanh Hoa said that we and Mr Duong are just a memorandum, without other documents that link between C50 and CNC. All reports about CNC up, we do not deal with business, they do not; restricting the development of its company.

Answering a & # 39; panel on the morning, the defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa also decides to & # 39; Sea for money or property ownership. Mr Hoa does not only receive Ocean to the Department's Department and his / her; support software.


LIn terms of the sum of 700 million dong, which Nguyen Thi Bich Hong (a woman against Hoa) gave to the CTA, Defender Nguyen Thanh Hoa explained, this is the sum that CNC is giving Supporting the C50 at Tet in 3 years, research agencies are reopened by official officials. Defender Hoa said, because he was the head, he was responsible for everything. Secondly, the life of the officers is also difficult, because they can not get back, so the unit leader must be accountable. In addition, the person was also protected to keep the rulers of the remaining leaders. If it is not returned, the officers and the soldiers will not get more trust …

According to their prejudice, Nguyen Van Duong spent C50 850 million, which included 700 million tons; VND 100 million; VND50 million for C50 Unions; Buy anti-virus software $ 30,000; For Director of Nguyen Thanh Hoa 22 billion.

At the hearing today, the Panel continued and received a certification of several C50 officers as witnesses in this case. Other witnesses outside the C50 will also interview with the panel regarding incapacity to & # 39; company to run the Rikvip system after a game.

Responding to the Panel, the witness, from some of the C50 documents signed by Mr Hoa, knows that CNC is a professional company of the C50. After finding out about the CNC operating system after a pay gate game, Rikvip's authorized actions do not report to Mr Hoa. In their report, they all pointed out the signs of the complaints gaming system.

Responding to the Panel on evidence of witnesses, said Hoa, as soon as he received a statement on the CNC partnership statement in the Rikvip card games system, he asked the professional departments of Statement C50 (sub-PV commentaries) in detail. From there, he told Phan Van Vinh, senior.

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