Nguyen Van Duong: Whatever she agrees to; court


On November 21, the Phu Tho Public Law case advocated 92 cases in a series of trillion trillion trips of overseas play after 9 opening days. Therefore, Mr Phan Van Vinh (a Lieutenant General, who was the General Director of Police) was praised to be 7-7 years and 6 months imprisonment. Determining a long-standing power situation & # 39; he is on dutyAfter the same fees, the former C50 chief Nguyen Thanh Hoa from 7 years 6 months to 8 years imprisoned …

His case was one of the directors, who chaired Nguyen Van Duong's CNC, The biggest case in the case was 11-13 in prison for two accounts: A complaint, a cash callSub-Phair Sao Nam (who chaired VTC Oline) was praised 6-7 years in prison and considered many challenging situations.

Police Duong identified as a police officer in connection with Sao Nam Nam (head of VTC Online) and Hoang Thanh Trung (director of Nam Viet Group) Rikvip / TipClub, an in-house income of around 10,000 billion.

In the output of 4,700 billion dollars, its company was a enjoying nearly 1,700 billion dong. In order to qualify for "dirty" money, authorities say that "money is burned" on protecting the person from other companies. So far, the total assets are exceeded by VND 240 billion and 4 cars have not yet been spent.

"Having listened to the words of the convener with the same sentence, I would like to accept the responsibility and accept the penalty as recommended."

Evening Nguyen Van Duong 21/11. Photograph: Pham Duan.

Evening Nguyen Van Duong 21/11. Photograph: Pham Duan.

Producing 56-page presentation content, Phan Trung Hoai (defense for Duong) said a business has won awards games, online games in Vietnam in the period 2011-2015 and, Vertical growth with 45 million internet users, in the most 20 countries in the world.

According to Hoai, its game industry is winning, online games are also the service industry. This sector is positive to create a new business, but the negative side of the social, and – affecting the lives of many families.

At the same time, the legal passageway is not to regulate the organization of online games, full hole. As a result, there are initiatives in high tech crime that include many problems. This is according to the lawyer who was expressed in the statements by Mr Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa in the last days.

"If a game is allowed, the seated people will be very rich," said Hoai, and they said in the " case and court did not evaluate the # 39; permission of the Information Ministry and Communications for GC G1 play. by 2016. His ministry also has a & # 39; CNC is allowed to work the gate.

21/11 afternoon Phan Trung Hoai Father. Photograph: Pham Duan.

Father Phan Trung Hoai on 21/11. Photograph: Pham Duan.

On the CNC screen, lawyers said that the decision on the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security has stated that it is essential to establish a company when the C50 was established. However, the Ministry of Public Security has no rule on actions, and procedures for establishing. Therefore, Duong, C50 and the Common Police Department have been deceived in the establishment, management.

According to the lawyer, in 2011, the CNC was set up as soon as the company's policy was covered only in the & # 39; April 2015, the decision was officially recognized.

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