Nha Phuong shows her & # 39; The whole body was first, and about 2 seconds. take care of


Tuesday, November 27, 1818 18:39 PM (GMT + 7)

Nha Phuong has recently been decorated in black to cover the room but can not cover the stomach's hide.

Nha Phuong to open its & # 39; whole body, about 2 still have attention - 1

At the end of the year, Changjiang was busy with his overseas tour. To care for a new wife, he gave Nha Phuong to America. While you are & # 39; live in the country's flag, the two Quang's play are travel and visit home friends; stay here.

In a new picture by the singer Hong Ngoc, "Eyes of Father Father", Nha Phuoc was again a focus of attention. So, her actress revealed the abdomen tall because she had sugar and a jacket. Many fans thought, Changjiang was heavy for 6-7 months.

Nha Phuong is the first full-featured group, and # 39; paying attention of 2 - 2

Recently, Nha Phuong got a big pressure and often chose a black trick. With the limited running of the exhibition, the show and several times the "general" number, it was a heavy child; She was pregnant.

As well as indirect confirmation about a friend's "friend's mouth" and "speaker speaker" speaker, Changjiang also has a few days ago to open this.

So the actor promised that fans name "secret heaven" if the instgram is created up to 50,000 traffic records. However, to date, Changjiang has not published any information, although his account accounts for almost 60,000 accounts.

Nha Phuong to open its & # 39; whole body, about 2 still have attention - 3

Although Nha Phuong was always silent with the media, Changjiang was often updating his / her profile page, and # 39; post pictures of the couple. Most of the pictures selected by a comedy are & # 39; show the funny fun. In particular, Nha Phuong did not appear to face, half of the people, and to give more followers about his current shape.

The image in the US has shown that this is the first time that Nha Phuong's "best belly" seen by fans has so far. The listeners are happy and happy for their young couple.

Chang Jiang gave his wife to Nha Phuong to the USA, who promised to behave; appearing

Although she was pregnant, she joined Chang Jiang to the US on a tour with Vietnamese artists.

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