NHM Thai was very grateful to Xuan Truong


NHM Thai was very grateful to Xuan Truong

Vietnam's flagship game against Buriram United was in the struggle with Nakhon Ratchasima. Xuan Truong played 64 minutes before being commissioned by Bandovic. In the summaries that appear on the field, this 24-year-old midfield is a Playing his position, leaving his or her smaller or smaller signal with his & # 39; able to keep the rhythm, co-ordinate with short and long routes to make its logo.

One of these has been a dangerous opportunity for Buriram United in the first half. However, the smallest point of Xuan Truong in the opening day is to lose the loss to prosecute the home team's penalty in 53 minutes. South Westerly

"He plays well today, but I want to work hard and try to make a match with more companions until he can prove it in Buriram United. His first game to meet Chonburi to reach. I hope you'll see it playing in the first season of the season. Keep it on … "said Judge Suriyo Awasik.

NHM Thai B & B; in the early Xuan Truong – Photo: Buriram

Kankaew Lekky fans said: "Run, he made the ball and put a lot of discomfort to the enemy. Good achievement". Although another fan said: "He's playing well today! Buriram fans at the blade with the club! I can hear the people! Give him more time, I think it can be better and better. "

Xuan Truong looks like to help Buriram United's friendly game ahead of the new season to take a special focus on Vietnam and NHM Thailand. The official website for Thai League camps is to enhance the interaction clearly. Even the live game section through Buriram's Facebook account also has attracted large audience and most are fans from Vietnam.

Following a 1-1 appeal to Nakhon Ratchasima, the game will open Xuan Truong and Buriram United in the Thai League with Chonburi on 23 February.

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