NiceLabel Label Cloud: bar code marker system in public scout


Šenčur, which was recently recorded by London Stock Exchange, has brought Euro Plus among 1,000 companies that have encouraged Europe, and show a codemarket system; bar as a public scam service as the first one. The NiceLabel family of materials is one of the world's leading solutions in a range of merchandise and barcode vessels, which is widely used in product facilities and warehouses.

The new Cloud Label service is built on the basis of the NiceLabel Label (LMS) Management System, which allows users to label and plan design; collecting data and quality data, and relatives, providers and partners can access information in a cloud and their leaflets are locally printed

Solving solutions bring many benefits to users. This includes cost savings as it does not need to be invested in a local, easy-to-use ICT infrastructure; means that the IT department is not poorly designed by designing and implementing a label and increasing flexibility, as the solution allows for quicker implementation or variation of leaflets. Digital quality assurance processes are also very important, with companies now that the quality of the leaflets needs to be monitored, which means lower operating costs and, in particular, lower risk of errors.

The solution is suited to be used in labeling processes in production, for allergens to labeling and nutritional values, (in advance) clothing in distribution centers, be identified according to local market needs and a & # 39; identify the products of suppliers. The solution is based on the Microsoft Azure platform, and interconnections are linked to other cloud solutions and other business systems, for example, ERP and MES.

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