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Original title: Nicholas Tse, Wu Yanzu, "Feng Wei", challenged 20 years later, the exhibition together

Friends to come together will be very warm, and help with & # 39; make dreams with food! At 62:00 this Saturday night, Zhejiang Satellite TV Anmuxi "Feng Wei" will continue to & # 39; launches gourmet tourism in Greece. In this program, Nicholas Tse will enter the "old friend" Wu Yanzu for his & her; The first time after 20 years of collaboration in the program. The two challenge the three-day renewable restaurant to help Qiqi, a Greek girl in the area, who is Greek teaching, play the beach. "Speed ​​and Passion"; fishing in the sea to break the "Feng Ting" "fishing jewel" but also a wave of three-fold and protect food-related food … The whole journey is full of fun. In addition, as well as food and architecture department, Nicholas Tse Wu Yanzu lived on the films the two had worked together, and talk to each other, talk about family changes, & # 39; talk about people's changes, and keep a wave of "memory memory".

Suffering Nicholas Tse, Wu Yanzu "impossible mission". The two men went out of the sea to break the "Magic Magic" "Feng Taste"

In the "Little Eggs" at the end of the first phase of "Feng Wei", it's a # 39; show the "adventure" that meets Nicholas Tse's visit to Greece. In this program, there was a beach at first and first time, a & # 39; let "speed and passion", and also start "joke" joke, called "Uncle Dan, Uncle Nic". To help with the Greek Chinese girl who is teaching Greek, Qiqi, in order to love her beautiful memories of revival relatives, the challenge is to clear the "three restaurants" without electricity, without a kitchen shop and without wood in three days. At the same time, we have to prepare a dinner for at least five people. Although Wu Yanzu is architecturally recognizable, Nicholas Tse is who's a? cooking, but this little time is not necessarily crucial.

For a new cooking material, "Nicholas Tse" and "new fisherman" Wu Yanzu want to go fishing personally, and even some people who are going on suffering "a" jump on the sea ", the program must be broken" it can not capture the damage of the fish. " There is a process to be & # 39; Buying seafood products by Nie Weifeng, who are more powerful than "fish", also full of legs and legs. To buy a fish, the market is full of frozen meat, and then go to the sea market one kilometer away and meet the weekend to close the source. The dinner is not yet located. In addition, helping girls to get a dream, it's natural to choose food. X Yan Weifeng spoke against customers against the right way of Qingkou, and Xie Yufeng suggested "interesting". Nicholas Tse also encouraged the creation of a "Cream House" marker, saying he would creating special vessels for this dream dinner, and that Wu Yanzu would also cook the special dishes.

Nicholas Tse prepares "astonishment" for Wu Yanzu to move the old movement between a boy and a man

As well as helping girls to make a dream and make beautiful memories of food, This program, Nicholas Tse and Wu Yanzu will look back at the old days of those years. Nicholas Tse specifically designed "surprising" for his friend Wu Yanzu. He made a short film of the film made by two people. Both looked and reclaimed the family and dreams. They did not forget to & # 39; friend Feng Delun. The change, from the sense, is urgent to know how life can take pleasure, more susceptible and laughter.

Indeed, long before the launch was launched, Wu Yanzu took a picture of himself and Nicholas Tse, saying they had a lot of emotions about life as long as they were. travel. Change everyone from a boy to one. It can be seen that Feng Feng's journey offers access to both heart-to-heart relationships. It is also a & # 39; Let's see the healing power that can show the food. It has been a long-term relationship that has seen the great relationship between good friends.

Share food and share love! Can Nicholas Tse and Wu Yanzu break a "Feng Wei" fishing break and catch fish successfully? Can the "renewable restaurant" go smoothly? What are the interesting and warm stories of both? Not all unacceptable events are only answered at 8:00 p.m. "Feng Ting" on Saturday.

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