Nicholson about the allegations about striopography


Former chairman of the National Council of Slovak Republic and Lucia Ďuriš Nicholson challenged a group of opponents in relation to the information she was saying about prostitution.

Tell him in the middle of what was caused by suspicion of who disseminated these materials. The campaign would be a politician. Freedom and Reduction (SaS) will take every step that can be done to clear the name of its claim.

"The campaign is distributed to my person, the document that is distributed is created since I was living in Canada and I was in eliminating prostitution and similar issues. I have made a criminal complaint in this regard and I sent to Canada, "said Duriš Nicholson, who recognizes that such issues can be found at different ports of attachment, but it is amazing that there is a concern members of the SR National Council. I did not say that this lullaby would come to the ground of the Parliament. I know that some of my colleagues are sitting in the hall that is distributed on social networks, but Mr Marček (Peter Marcek, name unnamed, SITA) has called me and I will take appropriate measures, " she added.

Durish Nicolson thinks about Canada's police, which she believes he speaks clearly about fictional documents. Ottawa's police in the opinion given by SITA to the state of the SaS is that it does not; confirm or discourage the investigation of people if they are not on the complaint. According to their opinion but it is suspected that the document was broken by using the old police form. "Our quick review of things that recommends that the document is fake," said the Canadian police.

For Durish Nicolson, chairman of SaS Richard Sulik also said that the party would take all steps to clear its name. "We will do what we are capable of cleaning our reputation and we will delete these devices," said Sulik. A political party A QUALITY – a civil democracy also supported the Member. "The allegations against Lucius Nicolson are obviously attracted. Together we are affecting & # 39; to make our own skin – when we have no real knives, at least those are made … ", reporting a party statement. Today, according to TOTAL, we have seen that even some of the media has been badly injured and has made a replica from the mouth of Deputy Minister Marceka. "The Democratic challenger, in the case of false reports, has to launch his & # 39; competing and agreeing for the truth and against the spread of wrong reports, "he says.

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