Nick Knowles and Noel Edmonds CLASH over rules


If we were on I'm so famous 2018, we may finally be about five minutes before we pull it on Gemma Collins and need a helicopter to & # 39; we just go to a hotel.

I'm so famous

So we can not———–day- blamed this year's celebs Nick Knowles and Noel Edmonds want to get some crabby together when they start their second week in the jungle.


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And the rooms were sure to run high between the stars in a show tonight when they came to go to # 39; fighting over a very important theme of camp rules.

Now, if you're lost, reporter DIY SOS Nick is currently a director Anna Hegerty as his wife, who is a means that both of them are going back and running; relax while the rest of the stars are going to take; doing day to day work.

But how did Noel find 69 years of work trying to boil the water for their bottles, Nick can help but comment on his methodology, saying: "You're getting crap on the other side and it's a tasty water."

After Noel had to go with his own at least, the television stars were then getting faster when they should use the water when it was hot or cold first.

Having a strike at his camp, Noel later said: "Nick is doing a good job in reminding the rules, giving us a good cause, a & # 39; make the right decisions, every mark of a good leader. "

It was not done by bending each other, and the two went in again another one squabble as Noel decided to rule out the rule about three people around the fire and get more water.

Unfortunately, it was caught out as Nick saw it; shook and asked: & # 39; Who is there, Malique and Emily? That's not three.

I do not have a & # 39; Hard time for you because I want to give you a hard time. & # 39;

It is obvious that Noel replied then: "So there's a decision, I'll finish the water and get a king ***** or go back to camp."

Before you add: & # 39; God dealt with me to obtain my approval of my prestigious license.

Eek! Do we feel that I'm a famous Jungle competition here?

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