Nickname & Serginho & # 39; the "Popestorn Sweetest Popcorn" of "General of Claudio Ramos" – Television


Ana Garcia Martins, author of his famous blog The Sweetest Popcorn, one of the usual Serginho targets South Westerly no You are on TVThe postman The reporter, who was famous for not having potatoes on his tongue, said the blogger was a very tough person.

Ana's fans wanted to find out what they thought about Serginho, and they bought it through Instagram.

"I did not see it, but they told me that he was saying that I had no neurons or something. I hit the bottom. I know it's good to have buggers, but Coming from Serginho, which is the general kind of Claudio Ramos, indeed the end of the line ", by using your normal normal routine.

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