Nicole Bahls will make a list of the wedding gifts with real values ​​and hostages. News


Nicole Bahls will go up to the next day altar with Marcelo Bimbi and her guests worry about one information: the gift list.

According to the Extra newspaper, the list of ex-Panic and ex-Fazenda is unimportant. The site is cheaper for R $ 500 and the most expensive ones range from R $ 10,000 to R $ 35,000.

On the list, not just decoration and furniture, but it is also possible to provide the suppositories with a dinner in a Japanese restaurant worth the value of R $ 469.68, and the option of the long-term trip all of the Maldives, for more than R $ 35,000, including tickets, lodging, food and trips.

To climb the altar, Bahls plans a flexible service with 56 parents in a traditional church in Rio de Janeiro. The party is also in a spa rental of Rio, with the performance of the Buchecha singer.

According to the publication, some people are already thinking about going to # 39; Given the indirect values ​​of those present. The gift list does not make much progress, and the admiralty counseling team. "They'll always be connected to the" "list all of the time through WhatsApp," said one guest.

"We are living in an emergency situation Think about a gift of $ 500 … And both of them are home, better to say they want in a variety to help the party, "said guest hosted to the festival.

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