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LOS ANGELES – Nicole Kidman, as the distributor of Destroyer distributor, is almost not recognized as a Los Angeles police remedies, It causes alcohol and is guilty of an old case that continues to drag it.

This is not the first time the Australian award winning star has made a person's transformation for a character, indeed. By placing a prosthetic nose she helped her to go to; Bringing her home to the best actress Academy Award for The Hours (2002), where she played the tortor writer Virginia Woolf.

Speaking last month at the Los Angeles screenplay of her new film, the 51-year-old man says that she is drawn to parts that will give her a place where she is upset. And she also says she wanted to support a female director, Karyn Kusama.

"It's not about trying to find very different jobs as big as it is about exploring a land that I've never had before," said Kidman , who built on Glomema Gold nominated as the best Actor for the film.

"I'm always interested in studying human nature and human psyche," she says.

In order to do so, it is a sense that I need "my behavior with my own body and trying to always say that I am willing to introduce it to her invasion – anything needed to play the duty ".

With this movie, that meant to & # 39; plays a depressed woman who has a strong, immense relationship with her teenager, played by Jade Pettyjohn.

Kidman, who has two daughters, ages eight and 10, is a 51-year-old Keith Urban, a native singer in Australia, saying: "I was emotionally encouraged."

She also has a son, 24, and a daughter, 26, along with the actor and actor Tom Cruise, 56.

She says: "I think that the scenes with my mother and daughter are those who have taken me, especially the final picture where I am carrying My daughter is on my back through the snow.

"The way it was written in the script – it was so simple but it was very powerful."

The unusual structure of the story was something that she could even hit her teeth, even though she was in a position; means many close reading of the script.

"I had to go back and the kind of piece with everything because the way it was built was difficult," she said.

She is awesome to hear when observers bring out their legs and turn them into the story. "It's interesting to see if people see all the mini details because this is really bad in a lot of conversation and even in the sight games. But there are so many data in the white games. "

Kidman's star has become even more acute in recent years – the Big Little Lies (2017) television drama won the Lead Emiss Actress, It was the last stage in Aquaman last year, in which she was plays Queen Atlanna, her highest level today.

But she wants to use the power of that star to support "different types and female leaders" when it is possible and that is a big part of why she got the Soldier, led by a low budget indie by Kusama, a Japanese-American woman and almost a depressing name,

Kidman says that she is very aware that women make up just a few filmmakers in Hollywood – just 8 per cent of the top 250 films in the last year are directed with women, decreased from 11 per cent previous year.

Then Kusama's drive was to see her / her; project through. He was the 50-year-old drama. in indie drama Girlfight (2000).

Kidman, who has been working with famous filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick (Eyes Wide Shut, 1999), said: "The first thing I see is that the leader is loyal. So if the director completely lost and passionate, he or she is my kind of director. "

Kidman says about Kusama: "His decision, desire and need for this film was made – because it was very difficult to be funded and done – coming from being a woman who did not have the same opportunities for many of her fellow male-

"And that's great because it's easy."

Kidman said: "There were lots of situations to do this movie where it was just, & Give me the opportunity. And being able to help a leader, the opportunity to An amazing thing as an actor. I'm really proud that she got it and I was able to be there. "

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