Nicolò died at the age of 27


Nicolò Daversa didn't do that, it was the 27 year old that has recently passed into anaphylactic shock after taking medicine at home. The young lad died on Saturday at Jesy's hospital where it was moved after coming to Torrette's regional hospital when, however, its circumstances were already severe. Yellow Cross rescuers were reached at home, on the day of the illness, and were heartbroken. After 40 minutes of heart tossing they were revived and brought to Torrette suddenly. All useless.

The young man, originally from Falconara, had lived in Ancona for a few months with his sweetheart. He worked in a supermarket and was an assistant of Anconitana. So many today that the Doric supporters are, yesterday, his game against Vigor Senigallia they will also display a flag to remember. These evening funerals were marked at St Andrew's, Antonio da Padova, in Falconara. The coffin was then taken to Falconara cemetery for burial.

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