Nicolson leaped himself to the amazing document to attack her prostitution


Bratislava, November 21, 2018 (SITA / HSP / Photograph: SITA-Diana Černáková)

Former chairman of the National Council of Slovak Republic and Lucia Ďuriš Nicholson challenged a group of opponents in relation to the information she was saying about prostitution. She told her today that she had suspicion about distributing these materials

Pictured by Former Parliamentary President and member of the SaS party Lucia Durise Nicolson (in front)

The campaign would be a politician. Freedom and Reduction (SaS) will take every step that can be done to clear the name of its claim.

"My opponent is. The document that has been created has been created since I was living in Canada and eliminating prostitution and similar issues I made my criminal complaint about this and sent me to Canada, "said Duriš Nicholson.

According to her, she recognizes that such issues can be obtained at a variety of associate offers, but it was surprising that the members of the SR National Council are responsible.

"I would not say now that this sneer comes to the ground of the Parliament. I know that some of my colleagues are in the hall that sits on social networks, but Mr Marček (Peter Marcek, unnamed, SITA) has damaged my name and i am taking the right steps, "she said.

Durish Nicolson is already available A Canadian police idea, which is, in the opinion, clearly discuss fictional documents.

For Durish Nicolson, chairman of SaS Richard Sulik also said that the party would take all steps to clear its name. "We will do what we are capable of cleaning our reputation and we will delete these devices," said Sulik.

It was also given an opinion by Ľuboš Hrica for the Ottawa police. We will publish its answer in translation:

Note that the Ottawa Police Service (based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) does not confirm / refusing to investigate named persons if the responsibility is not recorded, and that any costs incurred a court record. You can go to court in Ottawa. I can tell you that numbers are not correct because they do not. related to trafficking in humans. We are worried that the document you gave is likely to be with our old letter letter from the Ottawa Police.
Our quick outlook tells us that this is a very good document.
Thank you.
Ottawa Police Service (more in the article).

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