Nigeria: Chidinma Aaron Crowned 2018 Miss Nigeria


Aaron's Cidin on Sunday defeated another 12 finalists who won Missi Nigeria's finest housing crown in 2018.

Thirteen finalists were sent out for a & # 39; A large border that took place Sunday at Hotels and Eko Location, Lagos.

Eighteen competitors made it very final before election 12 of Ntan Nton, Egede Lagele, Thomas Mseve, Ameh Munirah, Otunba Ifunaya, and Shitta Remilekun were elected.

Others include Tizhe Usa Miriam, Okudili Odinaka Doris, Agida Stephanie, Ugwu Ijeoma, Aaron Chidinma Leilani, and Olu Chisom Olivia

The competitors went down to five where Aaron appeared.

The five final are Dunu Chisom, Ntan Sharon Nton, Ameh Munirah, Agida Stephanie and Aaron Chidinma Leilani.

Finally, Dunu built the prize for his first time, and Ameh was named as the second time.

Aaron, who won the home page, returns home to N3 million, a luxurious room and a car. She oversets her & # 39; crowned by Mildred Ehiguese who won the 2017 organization.

There was no registration fee for 2018 organization of the paper in a bid to be inclusive and "to prevent financial restrictions from young women who are entitled to the best title".

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