Nigeria investigates suspicion of yellow fever in the southern states – Xinhua


ABUJA, November 27 (Xinhua) – Niger's health authorities have launched a launch of a crash that emerged in the nice Edo state, according to Tuesday officials.

Faisal Shuaib, head of the National Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA), told reporters in Abuja that tests carried out by local laborers have shown that samples have proved to be & # 39; proof of yellow fever in the southern state.

Shuaib said health authorities, including the NPHCDA, Nigeria for Control Disease (NCDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Edo State Epidemiology team, and other partners work together to make an extensive research quickly and & Respond correctly to the situation.

The NCDC published a red warning of the yellow illness that appeared in Edo last Saturday.

A virus virus is a viral discharged pandemic virus that is caused by disease mosquitoes. The name "yellow" refers to gratitude that is in its name; affecting some patients.

"We would like to ensure that its population ensures that the organizations involved work quickly to divide and to prevent further breakdown, "said Shuaib.

Since September 2017, Nigeria has been prosecuting a case of yellow fever in all states in the country.

Being a buzzing nation with fever, Nigeria has focused on the focus and support of WHO, UNICEF and other partners and donors after last year's provocative breaks.

Since November 11, 140 cases of yellow fever were tested by a local laboratory in Nigeria, according to NCDC data. NCDC established a multi-agency Emergency Operations Unit to co-ordinate the national response.

Signals in yellow fever include; including eye speed, sudden fever, headache and body pain.

Last April, WHO developed a Yellow Fever Contest (EYE) strategy in Nigeria, as part of a global response to protecting and maintaining complaints of yellow fever infections by 2026.

On November 22, the government launched a major vaccination campaign with a yellow fever, targeting 26 million children and adults in Niger, Plateau, Borno, Sokoto, Kebbi and Abuja's capital city. The exercise will last until December 1.

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