Night Sight: an amazing Google phone night vision


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Pixel's new photo camera changed with a new feature: Night Sight, a visual vision of night vision, which allows you to take pictures with little light, no scale or trouble.

The final bet of the technological giant builds his / her; bar as far as numerical photographs. Night Sight uses a mix of photos taken at a short distance, with slow downtime, and then handled by a & # 39; reduce the sound, to achieve an image with detailed and unprecedented quality.

Although photography often brings light-handed images by going to # 39; Using long periods of time and tripod, Google will get a product by going to & # 39; photography by the device available.

Night Sight will divide the present into a bunch of images that will be followed later, and then converted into one image by clicking on it. Using the artificial information that was developed by the company. It is the development of the HDR + process that is used in the & # 39; camera Pixel, with some of the updates.

Google prompts you to build photos between 3 lux and 0.3 lux with a & # 39; this method. Technically, "lux" is defined as the sum that reaches the surface of each unit, measured in a lumens per square meter.

And what is 0.3 lux? The company says that the level of light is so scarce, it would be difficult to find the keys if they dropped to the floor with that light.

According to The Verge, this is the definition, before taking your picture, Google's vision of the night is a & # 39; tonnes of multi-factory calculations. Using what's going on? The company wants a measure of movement, the Pixel includes its own movement (or lack), moving objects in the scene and the amount available to decide which so many scenes to be taken and how long & as they should continue. .

Typically, Night Sight pictures are up to six seconds and up to 15 frames to capture image. Google has set one seconds portion according to the information if the phone is still full, or a third part of a second if it is hand held.

This means you get sixteen seconds with the device on tripod or up to 15 shorter exposures when the phone is held, each of them eating a final picture.

"Night Sight is not just a nice picture in a low light, but it's also fun to use it, because it's taking pictures in situations where you can not see anything no, "said the technological giant on the blog.

"When the scene is pretty dark, the image appears on the screen to show that you can get a better picture with Night Sight, but restrict to these issues, just after sunset, or at concerts, or at home, Night Sight has a clean picture (sound enough), and it makes it even more genuine, it's the effect that magic looks like it's done well, " it is a & n; come to an end.

Night Sight is available in the entire range of Google Pixel pockets, even though they have set up an XDA developer forum that installed them on other devices that are at your own risk.

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