Nine defendants include the Office of the Prosecutor if there is a military trade in the Army of China


Legal resources stated that nine have been charged with the trade and crime crime related to the Control of Arms Law, a case rejected by head of military commander, Ricardo Martínez.

Ministry of Public Affairs Chile Expand today's research to complain and write; arms and arms trading to drug traffickers and offenders with Army officials and the accused and add up to nine people.

Legal resources stated that nine are charged with the crime of arms trade and crimes related to the Control of Arms Law, a case set out by the head of the military commander, Ricardo Martínez.

According to El Mercurio today, among the defenders, the military officer, Jesus Yáñez, was "steal" without proper authority and for profit "from the Arithmetic Regiment of Arn. 2 War Arsenals, in the town of Colina, near Santiago, 105 corvos (curved knitches), five yatagan (a kind of sword placed on the top of the rifle) and three machetes.

The military member stole the weapons in his private carriage, along with procurator Roberto Alarcón, who saved 50 cartridges at home 9 mm status, which would then be on his market.

The two were arrested on 2 August and were formally placed for theft of military species and his / her. acquired an illegal possession of weapons held in a "collecting center" in the Santiago de La Granja society, where they also received two AK-47 rifles. , SIG rifle, 510 model (registered with the Army), sludge and loaders.

Amongst the surveys, five are checked by Law on Arms Control and the other four are processed by Army Case, to work as non-commissioning officers at the Military School.

In these cases, the two defense ministers, Alberto Espina and Chile's army chief, Ricardo Martínez, were invited to give explanations to the defense commissions, both the Chamber of Representatives and the Assembly.

The army branch was already cleared in the past few years with a number of serious cases that even had pre-ordered sentences for those crimes.

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