Nine Saudies Among the top 100 issues in film creation industry in the Arab world


Four films in Saudi participating in the 69th Berlin International Film Festival – held 7-17 February – with reports to & # 39; shows that nine Saudi nationalists have been assigned to the list of the top 100 influential players in the Arab Film Industry.

The Saudi film making industry has been seeing amazing growth over the last few years.

Saudi films participating in the Festival are: "Hayat Molawana" (Arabic for "Life Colorful") by Abdel Rahman Sondaggi, "Oghniyat Al Bajaa" (Arabic for "Song of the Swan") by Hana Al Omair, "Jaber", director of Abdul Rahman al-Jandal and "Qobool" (Arabic for "Acceptance") by director Sarah Al-Muneef.

The four films will be shown the re-floor at the Fèis.

List of the 100 most powerful people in the Arab film industry, according to a report published by the Arab Cinema Center, a non-profit organization registered in Amsterdam and promoting Arab film production, & # 39 ; including the influence of Saudi to work to enhance the movie movement in the United Kingdom and the Arab world.

Among those mentioned in the report included The Al-Waleed bin Talal, the Rotana group owner, and Turki Al-Shabanah, the famous media character of Saudi media related to Rotana.

Shabanah was also listed by Variety as one of the 500 most powerful media figures across the world.

The pubs industry can see amazing revival by authorities that are in the public domain. Includes an ambitious plan for running 350 stage film theater locations throughout the United Kingdom. Over 2,500 screens would be up and running; run by 2030.

The report also listed Haifaa al-Mansour, a & # 39; First Saudi filmmaker in Saudi who has been successful. In one of her works, Mansour gives her light to open in Saudi Arabia.

"Wadjda" is the first half-shot movie that was completely killed in Saudi Arabia and its " The first long film film made by Saudi female director, has won many awards and earned more than $ 7 million.

The list also included the director and producer of Saudi Mamdouh Salem, Head of Cinema 70, run by Rowad Media. Salem is also the founder of the first film festival in Saudi Arabia.

Hadeel Kamel, managing director of the Radio and Television Network, was also included.

The TV group is named as the reason behind the largest Arab film library in the Arab world, describes about 60% of the Arab history's cultural history.

Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, founder and chairman of the Middle East Broadcasting Center, was the largest television group in the Arab world, known as the MBC Group better.

There was a Saudi script writer, Ayman Jamal, who also wrote and wrote; "Bilal: Newer Hero" also on the list.

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