Nineteen eleventh in Indonesia – Salts fail the series of ability sources and bloody lessons: it is not enough enough


At present, there are over 60,000 eleven stores in many countries and countries. It can be said, this series of easy sources has created a huge empire by broadcasting in the world.

7-eleventh in Indonesia - Salt Facedive There are no Falls of the Facilitators and Fellowships Fame famous: just enough famous - Picture 1.

But eleven tents have not been so good. There is a country where a company has kept salt failure, and so it's closing every shop and flight in 2017.

The country is "over all" Indonesia.

Nineteen and dreams are related to "Islands Islands"

In 2009, its eleventh first inventory in Indonesia opened after the construction of Mordern Internasional. And say that, 7-eleven in the country of the island are very special shops.

In the USA, the company will have a & # 39; focus on substances that can be carried away, and it is a solution to hunger for those who still have a bed bite in the middle of the night. Also in Indonesia, there are 7teen storey repositories instead of collection; and it was not so favorable for the locals.

Nineteen eleventh in Indonesia - Saline failure is the series of ability sources and bloody lessons: not enough enough - Picture 2.

As well as traditional items such as shoemakers and 7-tenths, they also serve local meals with excellent quality, including lime. new. All eleven elevents helped to make their name very fast, and they became a particular cause in this country at that time.

7-eleven has been a fascinating experience among young people and students, from the age of 18 to 25. It is a place for them to gather, day and night, " – Chris Garcia – Chief of the financial company, Vicar Financial, who was a former director of the US Department of Commerce.

"A place that is so popular to visit after school and work, bee, food, and free Wi-Fi."

7-eleventh in Indonesia - an incredibly silent word of storage series and bloody lessons: not enough enough - Picture 3.
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7-eleven in Indonesia - Salt Facedive Excellence of Sources of Resources and Preferences Resources Blood: not enough famous - Picture 5.
7-eleventh in Indonesia - Salt Facedive Excellence Conduct and Blood Resources Sources: not enough famous - Picture 6.

After a great success from the original source, Mordern expanded eleven to a large chain in Jakarta's capital city. In 2010, they had 21 stores, just over two years after that, the number was over 100. Then in 2014, their sales company registered, and # 39; Up to $ 78 million over 190 sources.

It's not enough to be famous

7-tenths and indigenous love are very romantic and full of ability. Stacks are always transported almost every time. However, there were some major problems that the company could not handle, and they would pay.

First of all: The customers do not pay.

"Yes, a 7-thime shop is always always, but they are likely to buy only one glass of water, and sit there to be tired for hours, – Adhitya Nugroho, Euromonitor International's finance research manager.

Nineteen eleventh in Indonesia - Salmon failure is the series of ability sources and bloody lessons: not enough enough - Picture 7.

Users can sit for hours with just a glass of water.

The next issue that caused the sales of 7-eleven was limited due to the rapid growth of the convenience goods market, to continue competition also "hard" come from competitors. In 2007 – two years before market fourteen started, there were only 12,000 storey stores in Indonesia. But less than a decade later, the number has risen to 40,000 (CNBC data).

The largest Indomaret and Alfamart campaigns – good history messages in Indonesia, and have always been a market leader in utility stores for many years. But the fact is that the co-election here is "the best" elephant fighting ". Due to the fact that there are 190 shops at 7teen, 10,000 have Alfamart, and has 15,000 (2017 from Euromonitor) itself.

Market negotiations are considered, Alfamart has 38%, Indomaret is up to 47%. Still 7-eleven, before relinquishing his career in 2017, only "hit" was 0.7%.

Nineteen eleventh in Indonesia - how a series of shops is a useful resource and bloody lessons: it's not enough enough - Picture 8.
7-eleventh in Indonesia - Salt Facedive Excellence Conduct and Failure Resources Sources Blood: not enough famous - Picture 9.

Alfamart and Indomaret – there were two too large commercial relationships that could not exceed 7

Legal change He contributed greatly to the story of a 7-eleven loss. In 2015, the Indonesian government banned the sale of alcohol in beverage stores and small supermarkets. Following the execution of the negotiations, record eleventh-only outputs directly to 24% next year.

There are no "sad people," but Alfamart and Indomaret in this case are true. Their income has grown even after the law has been implemented. The reason is that both have a huge chain of stores, offering a wider range of services and materials, so they have little impact.

Nineteen eleventh in Indonesia - Saline failure is the series of ability sources and bloody lessons: not enough enough - Picture 10.

Avoiding 7-inch alcohol drinks that suffered a lot of damage

The next story is about it coverAfter her rapid evolution, there was never a 7-storey shop in Jakarta and some nearby towns. Although the other two are big, they are broadcasting all over the country.

"They are a major focus in Jakarta, and the competitors can expand beyond that," he said. – said Nugroho.

"I think it is because of legal problems for overseas licenses, Indomaret and Alfamart are the local businesses, so they have less obstacles and more benefits to & # 39; stay in distant areas. "

In the financial statements of Modern Internasional 2015 there is a description of the process general decline of Indonesia has influenced its business. As a result, by 2016, its company must close 25 stores to cut off, and then move forward to close the chain, leaving its market in 2017.

It's not a eleventh end in Idonesia

That's what the eleventh-one producer said after Mordern was summoned. The company said he will not keep them going. Look for license partners to return to the country for a long time.

According to many experts, the story will be more smoothly if a partner's eleventh-eleven gets to the right. Take Japan for example. In 1974, 7-eleven came to Japan with a series of seven & seven Holding stores. And the business story was so exciting that Seven & I Holding was able to buy and be an owner at 7 th anniversary of 2005 to the present day.

Nineteen eleventh in Indonesia - Saline failure is the series of ability sources and bloody lessons: not enough enough - Picture 11.

Japan is the largest market of 7 eleven, with over 20,000 stores

Today, there are more than 20,000 Japanese stores of 7teen, although the United States is only 9,000. That's what happened when they found a good partner, and now try to get back in Indonesia in the future.

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