Ninja, DrLupo & TimTheTatMan explains why a new team on Twitch is broken


Twitch published the new Squad Stream feature on 27 March, allowing up to four runners to broadcast from the same window at the same time.

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Attacking their squad on 27 March was two-way – but some historians are not happy with the update.

'Let's say you're looking at a stream and you're adjusting the sound,' explained Tim. “You will no longer be a spectator.”

Ninja's reaction seems to have affected this information, “Bro, I'm sure there are 100,000 spectators a day, and then, and everyone is turning off me.”

While the whole group all acknowledge the stacking of the audio on all the channels but all the channels, DrLupo pointed out that it is likely that large streams of stream will appear at first, and t After which there was a heavy fall.

Lupo then gave helpful advice to users to set up this flame, explaining that they can use the Google Chrome browser to add their comments to them.

“If you are in Chrome, you can change the sound in the stream… and sound the sound, counting as a spectator,” he said.

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DrLupo reminded users of the Google Chrome mute job, for users who want to ensure that their views continue to be counted.

It was very unlikely that the temple of Lupo's temptation on TimTheTatMan, it was argued that Twitch should still be identifying users as viewers – even though they do flush with a stream through a team broadcast.

“Twitch should not do that,” he said. “For someone to drink, you should count 100% as a spectator. Because I'm sure people are at work or something… the sound has been fixed entirely. ”

Ninja's impressions are particularly appropriate, because he is one of Twitch's greatest strikers, sitting at over 13 million followers from March 28.

Although Ninja had already been a popular place in the playground, the thrush got the prestigious reputation after that. playing Fortnite with rapper Drake in March 2018, going on to receive a major partnership with Red Bull Esports and even live t New Year's Award in Times Square for 2019.

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Ninja is one of the biggest strikers who visit Twitch, sitting at over 13 million followers because of his Fortnite player.

DrLupo is also one of the most popular broadcasters in Twitch, with more than three million followers on Twitch and over a million on Twitter.

Lupo raised a large amount of money for St. Kilda's Children's Research Hospital. Jude is just ahead of 2019, as well as going on More than a million dollars for cancer children through 2018 in a dramatic impact, as a result of his charitable fan.

To date there has been a mixed effect on flow flow – and Twitch has not yet discussed the issue of viewers with flooding to update them.

But Twitch also made a Twitch Prime support for Twitch Prime on 28 March, giving users a full year's service of Nintendo's Switch Online service, free of charge.

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