Ninja told your player for a high ping and was later sent out that someone was banned bitterly


Tyler "Ninja" Blevins in hot water once more has been reported to a player and in fact was blocked.

Ninja told a recent stream player for "ping higher", and that player was later banned by Epic Games. The player, Cheraxo, who says he was banned because of Ninja, without having been given and given back in V-Bucks for his misunderstanding.

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The YouTube video uploaded by Cheraxo explained the situation, describing why he had a high ping during his game with Ninja. However, parts of his story do not rise up, however, because he said that he killed about 70 to 100 million miles when he killed Ninja, but the ping from Australia to Chicago is at least 200 millions .

The Cheraxo video shows its & # 39; E-mail received from Epic for its suspension and compensation, but does not show a picture of himself; killing Ninja. So Cheraxo could not be banned because of Ninja, despite what Reddit's bigger post says. Epic Games has recently confirmed that the Cheraxo application is "brilliant" and that the two events were not tied.

This is not the first time Ninja is going to tell a player. Last week, he unfortunately expressed a streaming player that flows through Twitch's broadcast as they were in a position; use emote after killing him. The idea of ​​a stream that spun with Ninja has since become a center, and now & # 39; It's up to date in the latest Ninja Meme.

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