Nino Rota will achieve a Cultural Hall level with her & # 39; most famous Italian music


On Sunday, the Bahrain Cultural and Antiquarian Authority (BICRA) organized a concert evening for the Italian Nino Rota in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Bahrain. Artists of Italian musicians and those with an interest in cultural affairs are present.

Before the ceremony began, the Danish Ambassador to Bahrain Domenko Plato thanked the Culture and Antiquities Authority of Bahrain for his efforts to strengthen the cultural environment in the United Kingdom and his continuing effort to create communication bridges by Italian culture and the people of Italy, hoping the future will bring more collaboration between the two parties.

The collection started with its showcase, and including pieces of music by Italian and foreign musicians such as Nino Rota, Inio Moriconi, Nicolas Biovanni, Alan Silvestre, Henry Mancini, Franco Mikalezi and Andrew Lloyd Webber. His company has also played soundtrack for a number of films that have been broadcasting. enjoy them.

Nino Rota was established in 1995 and is a four-year-old female band; which combines sound, tunes, fiddle and piano.

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