Nintendo: 3DS sales fall "faster than expected"


Only a few of the 3DS hard-working options still are supported by Nintendo.
Enlarge / / Only a few of the 3DS hard-working options still are supported by Nintendo.

Since just before the launch of the Switch and until October, Nintendo has continued to demonstrate that 3DS can be with the Switch as a lower cost option, a higher cost lower. Over the last two years, there are even some signs of life for the continuous health of its market.

But 2018 may be seen as the year in which the market is & # 39; Start by starting with & # 39; pulling away from 3DS that is older. The sale of hard goods for the year 2018 year was just 2.85 million, down more than 57% from the previous year. That has changed dramatically from 2016 to 2017, where 3DS fell around the world just over nine hundred years over a year (despite the ultra-tone change launched in 2017).

Nintendo's new president, Shuntaro Furukawa, said in recent Q & A that "Nintendo 3DS market has contracted faster than we expected." But, in fact the same breath, he repeatedly promised to support the system with the Switch going on.

There are currently many users [sic] New Nintendo 3DS buyers are their customers; buy Nintendo 3DS as their first game system. Nintendo 3DS is a mobile game system, it is easy to carry around because it is small and light, and at a valued and desirable place. There is still a request from parents who are looking for a & # 39; buy a game system for their children. That's why our basic policy is to go ahead with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS in our gaming business special video games.

Although Nintendo may continue to going to do and do Supporting 3DS hardship, has little interest in continuous software support for over 74 million existing systems. The Nintendo web site listing of the forthcoming 3DS games appears only four titles at this time, and including only one (Skip to content Skip to main content Accessibility Help) is developed by Nintendo itself. Nintendo may have published 3DS software in the coming months (as it did in the opening months in 2018), but at this time it has been slowly cut.

For what it is, Nintendo seems to be optimistic that 3DS's sales will not fall in the next few days. Company and company projects will sold 2.6 million systems for the fiscal year beginning April, which would be largely flat compared to the 2018. In fact, Looking very nice, with the normal sales route for Nintendo portables to become older. In a certain situation, at least Nintendo can move slightly better than the Vita.

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