Nintendo does not reveal what time line is Breath of Wild


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Zelda Story: The Fight of the Wild it came as a gameplay next to him Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo bi-fuel console and were able to better demonstrate this person's versatile and graphic ability, as well as being able to innovate with the license with other devices that It was realized before its implementation.

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One of the most important details of this last title, did not appear or gave any clear information about the history of the place in which part of the license line was. Mrs. Zelda did not know or did not connect; play in the delivery.

According to the NintendoInsider portal, in the last art book released about the game a few days ago called «Creating a Competition», it was also the same Eiji Aonuma, talk about the saga's representative.

Ann, he ensured they had never had plans for this particular information to be published. "We realized that it liked people to have a history replication", He added that they prefer to be a company to give spatial theories to community theories and related threads.

"If we defined a limited time line, there would be a real story that would stop a place for imagination"He finished. What do you think about you?


Editing: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Cover

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