Nintendo finished producing NES and SNES Mini


Nintendo finished producing NES and SNES Mini

14 DEC 2018 / Video games

They will now focus on & # 39; meet the demand for classic through Nintendo change.

Although it was expected that the Nintendo 64 mining company, Nintendo President of the Reggie Fils-Aime American President, who is not in the plans.

In addition, the Hollywood Storyteller official confirmed that his company had stopped new units of the two tragic consoles; They have already done already: the NES and the SNES mini.

What's left now? For those who still do not have an opportunity to find out in the market. But once they're ready, they'll be "scarce and globally".

For now, the representation in the North American market has confirmed, but it is expected to continue the same route, in particular because Nintendo had now completed production NES Mini before the Super Nintendo was launched.

Also, keep in mind that its company has a & # 39; promises to extend its offer of classical classes on the Nintendo Switch Online. That, in his opinion, will meet the request.

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