Nintendo is said to revive a game abandoned "dead and funeral"


Nintendo has just given us Nintendo Direct with several news items, including remake Switch Zelda: A Connection Scene. According to a new reputation, even further behind the scenes. In a section of Kinda Greach Games, Game Informers tells Imran Khan as follows:

There is a game that is thought to be dead at the Nintendo revival, and this is not one that would expect. B & B was the title; Well dead and buried – officially suspended.

Nintendo game "real official" …? What is not what we are thinking about? there … I threw myself directly to Google and found the list of closed titles for Nintendo consoles. However, I do not find anything there but I always feel "There it is!" no "Maybe that's that!"

I hope Super Mario 128/ /Super Mario 64-2, but it's really a feeling. What do you think?

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