Nintendo Switch | Super Smash Bros. has a lump on Ultimate that allows you to see inside the dresses [VIDEO] | Video games


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It is a video game that has been expected of many and has been criticized by some who do not understand specific determinations in the # 39; town video game. We have seen it in an original design of Stretcher and Mythra , characters from Firearms and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, individually.

But what is happening is now something more dissatisfied because of a cannon that's a reflecting the areas that undermine their business because it is the close fields of some characters. Already in the dreams of Super Smash Bros. want 3DS and Wii U We knew it was impossible to see what was under the skirt, longer than a black screen.

Apparently, there is a way of showing what is hidden under the princess's princess dress video game, especially from Peach. The trick is something hidden, because the light that is created by the psychic shots of Nis is needed so that the underwear screen disappears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

We think that Nintendo You will already think about this fascinating title on broken sales records in some parts of the world.

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