Nissan built prices in Russia for two models


In February, when the increase in prices was over, automation makers started to; price identification. One of them is Japan's Nissan, two modules, the Terrano crossover and the GT-R sports car, an increase of between 6 and 17,000 and with 127 thousand rubles, separately.

However, in the case of the Nissan Terrano, the increase in price has affected cars that were made in 2018, and only in some trim levels.

Therefore, according to the AvtoSTAT group, from February, the new Terrano with Elegance will be obtained for 1,047,000-1,205,000 rubles, and the Elegance Plus more expensive – for 1,089,000-1207,000 rubles. The first version of Comfort and Tekna held the top of the old price tags and are still available for 997,000 and 1,291,000 rubles, separately.

The Nissan GT-R sports car, which was presented in one set with a 555-horse 3.8-liter engine, up to 7,626,000 rubles.

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