Nissan fires Carlos Ghosn after a 20 year rule


Nissan's shocking board of leaders has decided to suspend Thursday as his incredible chairman, Carlos Ghosn, who was held in Tokyo for an uncertain ribe, dropped to make it unexpected to the man who saved the Japanese maker .

The long-term partnership with his part, French Renault, is "still full", Nissan's rule was a " keeping behind the amazing meeting that lasted over four hours at the headquarters of the group in Yokohama, a big city captain of Japan. .

Behind the closed doors, there were six men and one woman unanimously criticized that the suspicions were in fact; hanging over his all-powerful commander enough to get rid of her & # 39; his postmaster.

Nissan confirms the statement of this radical decision with "real verification duties", and # 39; mentions "to reduce its income for a long time in the financial reports, illegal use for personal property investments and cost reports".

This reminder marks about 20 years at the end of Nissan's leadership, Most of the time as CEO and then chairs the board. Mitsubishi Motors, who joined the partnership in 2016, has the same penalty: a board of directors meets Monday, according to a spokesman for his company, but he is still a Head of Renault "protected from occasionally ".

The life of Carlos Ghosn, who ordered these three makers to make it a world-wide single-track car, suddenly raped when its airplane arrived in Japan . As soon as he was arrested, he remained quiet since then at the chill of a cleansing center in Tokyo.

– "Bad Badge" –

Hiroto Saikawa, executive leader of the producer, is from April 2017, which is recommended by other council members to Mr Ghosn's gut, which estimates "on the experts' opinion that such a decision was right".

Officially, the Franco-Libano-Brasaíle has stated that it has reduced its salary five times in reports submitted between June 2011 and June 2015 ", announcing Total financial services of 4.9 billion yen (approximately 37 million euros) instead of nearly 10 billion years.

"This type of misdivision is one of the worst mistakes in the legislation placed on registered companies," said Tokyo vice president Shin Kukimoto, told Thursday reporters.

However, he did not want to provide information about the ongoing investigation or the number of recorded missions held daily, such as exposures in the Japanese media about room crime 64 years old.

Mr Susan suspects from an internal audit carried out by Nissan in the last few months, but is currently in police care only for false tax descriptions.

On Wednesday, the court decided to keep it out for 10 days to keep the reviews done; go. And this time may extend much longer than that, under the rules of the Japanese legal system.

The businessman got tours from the French ambassador and consula Brazil, who got "in good shape".

The Nissan group, as a legal unit, may be theoretically charged, a representative and a prosecution said.

– Debate unions? – –

At Renault, the warning is in order now. The board asked Nissan's "to give his full information to his property as part of the internal checks that Mr Ghosn was a subject".

A belief that not being able to decide on the attributes of its; In fact, the French maker has taken steps to ensure that the company is counting a number two, Thierry Bolloré, interim.

In terms of this case, which has been & # 39; as its everlasting confederation since its birth in 1999, the French government has made remarkable reports about the future of a 15% state-of-the-state smoker.

So the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, ensured that "strong" but "temporary" regulation would be in place to allow Renault to continue his actions.

He meets his Japanese companion, Hiroshige Seko, in Paris on Thursday afternoon to discuss the long-term nature of his partnership and his "extension".

As long as it is in Japan, the tone is officially the same, the local newspapers are; appears with anonymous statement by Nissan's officials saying that their organization wants to review the structure of its system. police, "an essential state to continue", according to them.

One of the objectives is to be & # 39; Changing the shareholds: Renault owns 43% of Nissan, but the Japanese have only 16%, which affects its & # 39; trading relationships, but 15% rancor in the islands.

According to Nikkei's daily business, expressing on Nissan's activity, Carlos Ghosn was in a position; trying to introduce the two groups, and "it was possible for a concrete plan to be ready in spring", Mr Saikawa refused to openly fuse.

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