Nissan Nissan Leaf 2018.


Nissan has been identified in a number of departments including sports cars and in particular its sports cars with the Rogue that was last year among the best SUVs throughout the the world. Despite this, one section in which a Japanese manufacturer made history and that is the electric cars with the Leaf. Although it is not the 100% electric market first, it is still one of the largest ones that are in its marketplace. you enjoy.

Typically with many electric cars, what's the first thing? in Nissan Leaf from others, it is a good design, so attractive that one thing is amazing if it's not just pulled out by being extinct. Despite this, it does not stop Japan's automakers electric car from selling well. However, Nissan has decided to complete the Leaf overall review for 2018 and this time, we have a "normal" car, which will certainly attract a wider user base.


On the mechanical side, the Nissan Leaf only offers one engine, which is an electric motors of 147 each and 236 lb-tr of torque, which is larger than enough for a car of this size. Despite this, compared to a standard car of the same power, the rankings that the Nissan Leaf are & # 39; It offers a lot more clearer because we qualify for 100% of the power available as soon as we do; clutch of her lover pad. This also allows the Nissan Leaf to benefit from a fixed consensus tariff, which is a. make much smaller moving parts in the end. It is well designed and many of these are tried by electronic ducts of fuel or electrical engines that are available; joins a gasoline engine that is a generator.

The fuel economy is the most important when it comes to electric cars and one of the most developed features of Nissan Leaf 2018. the latter is now offering devolution average of 243 kilometers. And the best of all of this is that you get enough powerful recycling to give 145 kilometers of battery life within 30 minutes, but you need to get to an early tax station. The Nissan Leaf also offers an economic driving mode that allows you to increase the total devolution by around 10%.

In daily life, I must admit that you need to change to the Nissan Leaf, because if you have access to a standard tax station, it will take about 8 hours to go to it. car to be kept intact.


It's a 100% electric car in Nissan Leaf, which's a? means that it is already more advanced than many cars in technology. So, you have everything you need in relation to & # 39; entertainment, security and comfort, so I do not have to talk to you about it. In contrast, Nissan Leaf technology is even more advanced than found elsewhere. She is worthy of what Nissan is calling the E-Pedal. This technology allows you to use just one pedal for acceleration and braking. In fact, not everyone is comfortable with this type of technology, but it is safe to get this system within many cars in the coming years.


The Nissan Leaf is getting a & # 39; The first complete revival he made from the market was introduced and we can say that he is in a position; feel good. Lastly, she's not shouting on the roofs now that it is different from other cars. In fact, if you do not know it, as well as the logos that show that it's an electric car; , you would almost not know it. As you can see, the Japanese maker has made a major contribution to other brand models for the next generation design Nissan Leaf 2018. In fact, we are particularly recognizing the signature of a & # 39; brand at first with & # 39; new grid.

The poor points

His devolution is still limited compared to what is available in the competition. It is a car that needs some change.

Major events

It offers peaceful weather as the monk temple of Buddhist on Sunday afternoon in unfolded motion without scout that is decorated with lightning light in the autumn.

Emigration signed

It offers good value for money and is a very beautiful car.


The Nissan Leaf 2018 is not for everyone, but if you want to operate a second carriage and your local shops every day, there is nothing better on your market.

New or used?

In most cases, this is the type of car that I buy for a new one, but because it offers a warranty better than a gas car and you can even get rid of the government when you buy it. opportunity, I think this is the option for b & # 39; you prefer.

Jean-Sebastien Poudrier

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