Nissan Note e-Power is displayed – the scope of the EV petrol range and the water proof


Edaran Tan Chong Motor, a distributor of Nissan (ETCM), is looking forward to the future by doing so; bringing two electric cars to the Kuala Lumpur International Car Exhibition (KLIMS). Although looking at the new Leaf leading to the beginning of the middle of 2019, the e-Power Note that you can see here is a bit different – shown without a & # 39; bonnet, it usually means to & # 39; Public response measurement for the hidden extender water-proofing technology.

However, because ETCM itself has provided plans for the introduction of e-Power vehicles at Mallow at any time, the company's statement is a great deal. Showcase this display at the display. The important thing is to be aware (not intended) although the e-Power is an innovative electric vehicle, there is no vessel in order to bend it up to the & # 39; main machine and cost.

Instead, a three-inch engine of 79 PS / 103 Nm 1.2 liter HR12DE, which operates only as a generator for the previous 109 PS / 254 Nm electric from the Leaf. The petrol mill is not connected to the drives that are driving, so no power is to reach the ground. Nissan says that the system offers the advantages of electric motors – such as the largest boar from standing – without the worrying range.

Attendance of the range extender also means that the battery can be much smaller (just 1/20 size of the one in the old Leaf), enabling it to be placed under the face seats to maintain an inner space. In total, the e-Power Note provides a fuel economy number of up to 37.2km per liter on its & # 39; Japanese JC08 tour.

Will the Note e-Power be launched in Malaysia? There is still no longer term for powertrain technology, and ETCM's sales and marketing director, Chris Tan, has indicated that the draft Note can be sold here. However, a local immersion would continue to go by & # 39; Here is a Japanese home model test exam – although this may just involve importing and exporting commercial products; including green.

It must be said, as a means of getting the Malay public on board with electric cars, e-Power is a & # 39; We struggled as a good platform, as the EV tax network in the country is still a childhood.

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