Nissan Qashqai – If you are going to be successful


groupFive doors, five seats, length x width x 4.394 x 1.806 x 1.624 mm, wheel-base 2.646 mm, ground clearance 180 mm, dead weight 1.520 kg, construction load 1.500 kg, stock number 430 to 1.598 liters.

engine: The Turbo petrol engine, four cylinders, 16 loops, 1,332 cubic centimeters, 160 hp, 260 Newton meters at 1,750 rpm, the highest speed of 200 km / h, in 9.9 seconds to 100 km / h, 5.8 liters of Super 95 per 100 kilometers, 131 grams of CO2 per kilometer, the best Euro 6d emissions for emissions.

distribution powerWheel wheel, cross-sectional wheel (seven gears).

Price & General Equipment: t 38,441 euros (motor car) – six air bags, ESP, Nissan Safety Shield (including parking attendant, traffic warning, blind spot fan), driver's help pack (including help) t self-regulating tool, air warning, electronics parking, half leather, Bose sound system, dual-point air-conditioning ventilation, heat-insulated windscreens, 19-inch containers, full-light lights Fully modified LED.

Conclusion: Bestseller!

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