Nissan removes Ghosn from the post of chairman of his board after he was arrested


Illustrated portrait. Photograph: TASR / Henrich Mišovič

Tokyo, November 19 (NASDAQ-NAS) – Nissan Motor named the Japanese swimming pool on Monday that he intends to apply to the chairman of his board, Carlo Ghosn, who wants costs to use personal money for corps and its; other major crimes.

The Japanese media on Monday said Gosn, as well as the chairman and French military care officer of Renault Nissan, and one of the world's most famous figures in the industry of the equipment, was arrested. The Finance Office complained that it was the breach of the Finance Act.

In this context, Nissan said that "The whistleblowera has been searching for a few months of his uncomfortable habits of Ghosn and the vice director of Greg Kelly, and he works in full with Japanese authorities.

"The survey found that both Ghosn and Kelly, reporting in the Tokyo stock exchange exchange for many years are less than the real value of Ghosn's compensation," Nissan wrote in a statement.

Ghosn or Kelly have not yet said.

Nissan also stated that Chief Executive, Hiroto Saikawa, would recommend that the Board of Directors be rejected by Ghosno and Kelly.

At the same time, the value of the Renault department on Paris stock exchange has fallen by 13%, recording among the worst exhibitions in Europe.

Explore Tokyo Office, Monday, Nissan headquarters in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, as well as other offices.

Nissan has given excuses to Ghosno surrender before arresting the fears and the major problems caused.

Born in Brazil and is a French citizen from Lebanon. Micheline began his career in France, where he moved to Renault. He joined Nissan in 1999 when Renault bought an interest in Japanese self-propelled devices and in 2001 he became Chief Executive. Hope rested on this post until next year. In 2016, Hope became the chairman of Mitsubishi Motors as well.

Source:, the TASR news portal

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