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Not just the value of the waste in Carlosa Ghosn, the one that's Ranult-Nissan-Mitsubishi Federation. Nissan has allowed him to hear that he wants more devolution.

Carlos Ghosn, Renault warden and Nissan, and ...

Carlos Ghosn, Renault and Keeper
Nissan is one of the most powerful men in the industry of the equipment
currently in custody in Japan.
Author: Renault-Nissan

Japan is ready to work on its affiliate stability
Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi after a joint chairman was arrested
Carlosa Ghosna. This was named by a member of the Nissan Wednesday head
He added that the Japanese self-conductor produces ways to reduce its impact
French Partner. Hold arrest for saying no income has been valued
in official documents and for Nissan's money misuse
Personal reasons that the 19-year-old alliance had met
and Mitsubishi car manufacturer in 2016, also have other background areas.

Fear created a personal relationship and was committed to consolidating even more.
This would mean companies would be closer to them; a non-Japanese connection
alongside taste. "We need to go back to his" first impression "
friendship, "Nissan told a journalist about a state of conservation
mystery. Accordingly, relationships in the affiliate should be "equal to that
ro ". Reduce the improved Renault division in Nissan
from the outbreak after Ghosn was in a position of leadership, and
now employing more than Renault, it should be one of the options,
the source was added.

Currently a 43.4% of Nissan is a French scriptwriter,
who has a 15% stake in Renault and a 34% part in Mitsubishi Motors.
Nissan Chief Executive, Hiroto Saikawa, subsequently presented a picture of the carriage of Japan cars
The arrest of Carlosa Ghosn was a bad deal named. At the same time,
Nissan has control over control. Daily Asahi said on Wednesday
the procurator's office is considering a protest against a Japanese car manufacturer. In the media, like that
Finding the power struggle in & # 39; alliance. Because it is possible for Ghosn
away from the image, its format is subject to great attitudes.

Mitsubishi Motors CEO, Osamu Masuko, said Tuesday
It may be difficult to administer the management of a non-directive organization
characters like Gosn. Success of its affiliated affiliations. help car manufacturers
and development of materials and control costs together, for its members
especially when the entire business makes great changes.
Changes in users "tastes" and initiatives are to invest billions in new ones
growth areas, such as auto-mobile vehicles connected to the internet.

According to these cases, the Japanese and French governments have supported the alliance
and he asked his stability to be retained after arresting Guilt. Japan on Wednesday
He said he is ready to hold his confederacy. "It's a symbol
The success of a French-Japanese business, "said the government spokesman
in Tokyo, and asked "a stable connection between the three car devices".
The French side still stands behind its head. Renault name
Temporary guidance, but Gosna as Chief Executive and Head
the CEO is not officially appealed.

A French automaker wants to wait for more detailed information
from a Japanese perspective. Nissan asked all the information
in relation to internal inquiries. "In the time he will be a laird
Ghosn is to solve his legal issues in Japan with his powers
in relation to the responsibility of the Chief Executive of Thierry Bolloré, "
the Governing Body said. He will take over the Chair's office. Board of Directors for a short time
Philippe Lagayette. By temporarily managing employment, Renault has met
The requirement of the French government, with 15 per cent in the company

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