NITRA: The music gallery is closed to & # 39; Kodály Quartet's highest-wheel jetty


The Music Gallery is a round of classroom conferences aimed at a deeper understanding of classical music.

November 19, 2018 or 12:00 SITA

NITRA. Round circuit conferences this year, a Music Gallery is a & # 39; finishing the renowned Kartály Quartet from Hungary, one of the most important European series series. There will be a concert next week on Wednesday, November 28, at 7pm, in the House Žižkov Concert Hall in Nitra. Attila Falvay (fiddle), Ferenc Bangó (fiddle), János Fejérvári (fiddle) and György Éder (violoncello) perform the work of Zoltán Kodály, Claude Debussy and Ludwig van Beethoven.

A & # 39; Quartet was founded in 1966 with graduates at Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest and was named after the well-known Hungarian writer Zoltán Kodály since 1972. The convention of an ambassador of the Hungarian culture in a range of wire circuits at home and internationally. In recent decades, it has been a great success in almost all European countries, but also in the US, Japan, China, India, Australia and New Zealand. The Quartet Kodály Record also includes Haydn's full-length wire circuits, Beethoven, Schubert, recordings have met good world-wide checks. The main purpose of his / her fourth job is to be performed by well-known Hungarian writers, including Zoltán Kodály's work.

The Music Gallery is a series of chamber concerts aimed at identifying classic music of all historical times and consolidating contemporary music. He is the organizer of the Nitra Gallery. "The main aim of the concert concert is to support the artistic quality of the concert, which can be greatly enhanced in the Jury House Concert Hall with special distress and Warning shield of Steinway & Sons board, "told Nitra Gallery.

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