NLB is rising. It is also NKBM, but it came to blackness


Should I buy the NLB shares on the stock exchange?

"We expect the price of the NLB division to be fair in the coming days at the current levels, that is about a price of 57 euros," a & # 39; expectations Urban Belič from Ilirika, who is buying a stock of NLB on the stock exchange. He says: "If the price of the NLB shares at current levels and that investors do not expect future economic emergencies of the world".

Mitja Vezovisek Vezovisek says, from personal financial advice, saying that Vezovisek says that we only look at his work; bank and departmental output, the NLB division is a greater value than just one version in world markets or, for example, the change in the home capital benefits can be move down. According to Belic, the real price depends on the work of his bank; at present and in the future and on the situation on the financial markets: "According to the prejudice of banking up to 2023 and expected to bank in 2018 in The rate of almost 200 million euros, owners can expect high dividends with which the output output is higher than average. This is, indeed, to raise its question on long-term sustainability of the number of awards that are expected to be expected at the appropriate level of 17 per cent. The bank is currently more profitable and with a higher yield than a comparable European bank. In relation to bank valuation is lower than in a competitive case, and with its good future performance, we can expect the exchange rate to grow. , due to the reduction in state ownership, they are also expected to raise their bank and business credit level Improvements, for example, the ratio between loans and investments provided is only 0.7. It should be remembered that the state (SDH) does not sell 75 per cent of all sections, so some restrictions on a business are living. Bankers can not continue to produce liening activities, expand with the construction of the Balkans … "

Would Vezovišek advise to be & # 39; buy NLB shares? »Special reasons that small stockholders can buy shares of any company, even though it is Silent, I can not see. The arguments for this are available in the basic investment rules. One says that the asset between different types of investments and managers is essential to distribute, and the second is that we always need to monitor and monitor our inventories, which the person does not usually know or can not . Instead of buying a special installment, it is best to buy items from investment funds and make it to professional managers.
Often, the result of a division is described as the reason for purchasing shares. Currently, the current price of the NLB division, is & # 39; compete with other sections on Ljubljana Stock Exchange, but you should not forget about the costs (you must have a trading account with a Slovenian stock treachery) and fees. For sums in the amount of thousands of million euros, costs and fees also remove half of the shares, so buy shares of a separate company, even if they are home, I do not & # 39; advise small investors. "

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