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▲ ▼ Office of Posts 12/29 does not have a & # 39; solve more! Will be

▲ Office Office 12/29 is no longer free! APP will begin the freedom of unlawful approval next year. (Photo / reporter Xu Lifang photo)

Reporter Xu Lifang / Broad report

From 1 January 2019, the Ministry of Finance has given a new pipeline for an approved invoice. Over the last 11 years, a post office has expanded into four major supermarkets, supermarket supermarkets and financial institutions, and added the most attractive officer. "Census Unity Solution APP". Your email address will not be displayed. served as a freight service on 29 December 2018. The most recent account for the September and October awards is the final product of an invoice that can be solved at his / her post office.

Post Office now does not & # 39; providing resolving services on 29 December. The Ministry of Finance and Tax Ministry Department said it would help the people to preserve the prizes and to bring the scouts out of the openings to resolve the whole process without paper from 1 January 2019, as well as the new APP APP network, and expand the entity to provide bonus points, from the post office; currently over 1300 centers, to its first bank, Changhua Bank, the national agricultural investment, agricultural credit division (fisheries), credit partners, More than 13,000 places, including shops, Lyle Convenience Store, proper Facilities Store, Quanlian, and Meilian.

▲ ▼ Office of Posts 12/29 does not have a & # 39; solve more! Will be

The Tax Office said that the new APP online removal system can help people to collect cloud invoices stored in mobile phone cakes, promotional cards, cards, icons and credit cards , administrator of invoices and user information, and his / her; giving "24 hours." The service that receives the award is not subject to bonus bonus bonus opening hours, which ensures that people have the right to receive the prize. It is expected that you can download the app from the app store, as soon as the end of December, including storage invoices, consumer analysis and promotional prizes.

Among them, the financial institutions of the 378 such as First Bank, Changhua Bank and the National Land Financial Department can provide all of them while long & as they keep to the approved fee or electronic electronic power certificate and the public facilities awards to its service base; denominated credit partners and farmers. / 1233 Fisheries Division's foundations can be sold for the second prize (including) and the invoice of a thousand thousand plus Yuan award.

The four main industries (unified, family, Lairfu) have more than 12,000 jobs, Quanlian and Associated Press, which can be swapped for five or six prizes, but considering safety, it's only 11 out in midnight. You can choose to save money, solve the same or store the value, and the rest of the business hours can only be exchanged for similar goods or stored value.

With regards to the APP's freedom of unlawful unified, the "Solution Online Online" service is available 24 hours a day. If the cell phone bar code is returned before the lottery and the individual electricity certificate are printed, all the prizes can be solved and the account is connected through the APP. It can also save four thousand miles of stamp duty; if a natural individual receives a separate electricity certificate, he will receive five or six awards and enter the account directly. Instead of solving a & # 39; corporate basis, you can upload the winning winner.

The awards are given as follows:

Total awards: First Bank A, Bank Changhua, National Land Financial Department
Second prize (40,000 yuan) or less: credit, agriculture / fishing partnership and credit division
Five or six awards (1000 yuan, 200 yuan): 7-11, the whole family, Lyle Fu, OK, Quanlian, Meilian
24 hour solution: unified liberty APP

▼ Embroideries Special prizes are very much in the north. (Picture / Ministry of Finance)

▲ ▼ Office of Posts 12/29 does not have a & # 39; solve more! Will be

▲ ▼ Office of Posts 12/29 does not have a & # 39; solve more! Will be

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