No. 28 Wanyi electrodes that were created after deleting the northwest … "Sumping its wall" away from Taiwan – News Times Times


The Medium Meteorological Administration indicated on the afternoon of the 20th that the tropical depression on the south east of Guam was strengthened to Typhoon Number 28 "Universal" at 21:40. It is estimated to be a & # 39; move northwest to the west and go through Guam. "Giant Swing" runs northeast and can not be used; expecting Taiwan to influence.

The Meteorological Medium Administration stated that the Wanyi Typhoon Center is currently located approximately 4,000 kilometers southeast of Eluanbi. It is expected that it will be stable to the northwest and west by 25km long. After entering the western wind zone through Guam, it will be moved to the northeast to the south east of Japan. Taiwan will not affect Taiwan's marine development.

However, the tropical disaster in Filipin can take water to Taiwan. At this time, this low pressure will move westwards at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. He started into South China after going through the Philippines in the future. At that time, the climate conditions in southern China's seas can increase tightly low tightness in tephoon. In terms of Taiwan's influence, it is still impossible to make a decision.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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